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7 Films to Warm Your Heart

Now, like most people, I enjoy a good Netflix binge. But sometimes, it’s so easy to start a series, put life on pause (even when you have too much to do and so little time) and just get stuck in. But other times we just need a bit of a lift and some inspiration, and […]

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11 Fun Ways to Build Your Self Confidence That You Won't Find In Cosmo

I’ve had quite a few confidence shattering experiences over the last five years. And there’s a notable difference between how I presented myself five years ago than now. Somewhere along the way though , I learned that it’s possible to love myself, that I’m much more introverted than I thought I was and that when […]

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5 TED Talks to Increase Your Self Love

Anyone who’s been around me for more than twenty minutes knows that I’m a fan of surrounding myself with inspiring people. And then sharing those people with everyone around me! I live for things that give me the chance to see something from a different perspective, bring more joy to my life and the world, and […]

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Why stepping outside of your comfort zone is like being in a dystopian novel

The other day I saw a card that read ‘stepping out of your comfort zone has never killed anyone’. At the time, I chuckled and kept on walking. I was on the way home from work and when you’re commuting in London, you don’t really stop, stare and think. (People will stand on you.) Stepping outside of your comfort […]

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Learning to choose yourself over unrealistic expectations.

A lot of us set ourselves high expectations. Sometimes they’re not realistic, and we spend time beating ourselves up, full of self sabotage. That’s why I want to share my story of ‘failure’ with you today. A month ago, I wrote here on my blog about this year being the year to complete NaNoWriMo (50,000 […]

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Believe in yourself, not just other people

I’ve written before on my blog about how inspired I get by big adventures and taking risks. You know what it’s like. You’re watching your favourite team on a Saturday night (or like me, watching Nashville) and you’re rooting for them to score (or get back together). You’re watching your friend take make a big […]

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