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Dreamshitters, Standing Up For Yourself & Losing People Along The Way

There’s something people don’t tell you when you start to stand up for yourselves and following the beat of your drum. And that’s this: often you’ll lose someone along the way. Somewhere between finding your voice and dealing with dreamshitters, something changes. You stand taller. You talk with conviction. You start to lose your people […]

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How to throw a one person dance party for yourself (& epic playlist!)

If you’ve never had a one person dance party, you’ve never lived. Ok, perhaps that’s a bit extreme. But seriously, a one person dance party is one of the best ways to make yourself feel great. What is a one person dance party? I hear you ask. Well, if it was an algebraic equation, it would look something […]

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3 ways to say no and stop people taking you for granted

“It would be easier, and quicker if I just did it.” “It will cause an argument if I said no, and I hate conflict” Sound familiar? I thought so. So let’s take a couple of scenarios: 1. You’re at work and your colleague is taking a loooong time to do a basic task. Sometimes you […]

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