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Self Care Doesn't Have To Be Glamorous

This week I want to debunk some myths and share with you something I’ve been struggling with lately. And that’s this notion that self care has to be beautiful. It has to be these set of serene moments that are simultaneously Natural Geographic worthy, as well as worthy for high esteemed food blogs. And these serene […]

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11 Fun Ways to Build Your Self Confidence That You Won't Find In Cosmo

I’ve had quite a few confidence shattering experiences over the last five years. And there’s a notable difference between how I presented myself five years ago than now. Somewhere along the way though , I learned that it’s possible to love myself, that I’m much more introverted than I thought I was and that when […]

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Read this if you've ever felt like a fraud

I want to talk about something today that we don’t really like to talk about, or admit. We all feel like frauds. Who am I to be doing this? Why should someone pay me attention/money to do this?  What if they find out that I feel like a mess and discover I’m a massive fraud? […]

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