Why stepping outside of your comfort zone is like being in a dystopian novel

The other day I saw a card that read ‘stepping out of your comfort zone has never killed anyone’. At the time, I chuckled and kept on walking. I was on the way home from work and when you’re commuting in London, you don’t really stop, stare and think. (People will stand on you.)

Stepping outside of your comfort zone doesn’t mean auditioning for a Broadway Musical, or walking down your nearest high street stark bollocks naked. Though, if that’s your thing - go for it.

Stepping outside of your comfort zone is more about recognising where your comfort zone is, figuring out how often you step outside of it, and looking at the WHY.

It’s about and deciding that your desire to live life to the full is bigger than coming face to face with your fears. It’s about and seeing how far your potential stretches. It’s about knowing that you may fail, and doing it anyway.

It’s like dystopian novels, where the main character figures out the walls that they thought were built around them to protect them, restrain them.

They’ve become so afraid of what’s outside of the world, that it takes a long time to question the purpose of the wall.

They’re terrified of life outside the walls and it takes a while to see that life beyond the walls gives them more freedom, adventure and ability to be, than the walls that cage them.

Stepping outside of your comfort zone? It's learning that there’s more to life than the box we’ve built for ourselves.

Stepping outside of our comfort zone is about seeing if those wing you've been building for yourself will let you fly.