50 ways to show yourself you matter

No matter who you are, where you live and what you do, I don't think anyone can have too many reminders that you matter. That being said, as passionate and compassionate women, I think often we spend so much time boosting other people up, and not enough time making ourselves feel valued.

That's why I wrote a list of 50 ways to show yourself you matter. Because sometimes, it's hard to give ourselves that boost. Sometimes we lack inspiration, and sometimes it slips our mind completely. Use this list as a checklist, print it off and keep it somewhere you can see it or write you own!

Remember, you matter just as much as the people you're looking to help and inspire. You matter just as much the causes you're fighting for. You matter. Period.

1. Cook yourself your favourite meal

2. Buy/pick yourself a bunch of flowers

3. Watch re-runs of your favourite shows/ have a netflix binge

4. Schedule a nap

5. Keep a list of compliments people have given you

6. Send yourself a love letter

7. Buy yourself a new book

8. Watch your favourite film

9. Organise a date night for one

10. Start a gratitude diary

11. Bring affirmations into your life

12. Write yourself permission slips

13. Have a one person dance party

14.  Write funny memories on post it notes and put them around your bed

15. Learn a new skill

16. Go on a day trip

17. Give yourself permission to daydream,

18. Have coffee with the people you love in your life

19. Take a book/podcast to a coffee shop and enjoy time on your own

20. Say no to unreasonable demands

21. Put your favourite song on repeat and sing like your life depends on it

22. Only say yes to things that light you up and make you feel good

23. Meditate

24. Wear that dress you've been saving for a special occasion

25. Bake a cake/buy yourself a nice pudding


26. Read your favourite childhood book

27. Watch your favourite childhood film

28. Make something

29. Send yourself a postcard

30. Watch the sunset

31. Watch the sunrise

32. Feed some ducks

33. Go for a walk and enjoy your own company

34. Write a letter to your younger self

35. Watch something funny/make yourself laugh

36. Write nice things about yourself on your mirror with lipstick

37. Think of 3 qualities that you like most about yourself

38. Write down your values

39. Step outside your comfort zone and trust in yourself

40. Savour a hot drink

41. Take yourself out for breakfast

42. Start a scrapbook

43. Write a list of things you've done that you're proud of

44. Frame a favourite photo & put it on your nightstand

45. Keep and feed a pretty plant or cactus

46. Write a list of things that make you feel alive, and schedule those things into the next week

47. Block off half-hour (minimum) every day just for yourself

48. Eat a bowl of fresh fruit

49. Start a blog/journal - capture your life and share your story

50. Write your life as a short story, with you as the badass heroine

51. BONUS start every week on a great note with my free Sunday Reminders straight to your inbox! 

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Go on, go fall in love with yourself!