Episode 127: The Emotional and Joyful Sides of Money with Martha Lawton & Alex Lemon


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Martha Lawton is a former financial advisor is turned freelancer who helps organisations improve support for vulnerable people with money issues. She has facilitated hundreds of workshops about budgeting, borrowing and saving and helped thousands of people think more clearly about their finances. Martha loves learning recipes from around the world, spending time with her husband, her friends and her sister and crocheting.

Alex Lemon is a former chartered accountant turned freelance editor. She works in content and communications for charity campaigns, marketing, web services, data visualization, digital policy and, lately, books. which makes sense when you know she was a journalist before she was ever an accountant. Alex enjoys swing dancing, learning Korean, reading and thinking about Life, and how to get better at it.

Martha and Alex are hosts of the podcast Squanderlust: a podcast about the emotional side of money, why our actions aren’t always as good as our intentions and what we can do about it. Part self-help, part comedy, part confessional, Squanderlust is a very different kind of personal finance podcast!

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Martha and Alex have been really kind and put together a Resources page for Couragemaker listeners! You can check it out here!


  • Demystifying money

  • Why money is a complicated topic for women

  • The history of women and money

  • The taboo of speaking about the emotional and psychological sides of money

  • The courage of letting people in not just pushing them out

  • The joy of money and how to get playful with money

  • Martha and Alex’s practical advice on what to do if you find it scary talking about money




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