Episode 117: Self-care, healing & finding the peaceful path with Sarah Brassard


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Sarah Brassard helps people re-establish peace inside. Once a safe inner environment has been secured people return to themselves with a willingness to observe the experiences that have kept them stuck. Before long, with this new viewpoint – that of loving kindness, their awareness begins to change.

She is the author of Inside: A Guide to the Resources Within published in 2018. The book details the self-care practices that sparked Sarah’s healing journey and inspired her work in helping women move from trauma to transformation..

Sarah lives in New Hampshire and loves helping people heal through trauma with spiritual practices. What makes her most happy is being around people that have said YES to living authentically and finding the peaceful path.

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  • How Sarah initially dealt with loss and trauma by putting on a mask and what started her own healing journey

  • Feelings of safety as highly sensitive people

  • Taking ownership of your life

  • Building a self care practice

  • The ripple effect of being compassionate to ourselves

  • Why self care is non negotiable

  • Sarah’s definition of audacious self care

  • How veering off the path can lead to some of the most important lessons we learn

  • The idea of a spiritual savings account




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