Episode 88: Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone + Setting Goals with Nicole Liloia


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Nicole Liloia provides strategy + mentorship to women entrepreneurs who want to scale their business and income through multiple income streams. After suffering severe burnout in the non-profit world and refusing to ever return to a 9-5, she took time to travel and volunteer in South America. She started her first business in 2013 and has been helping women stop wasting time and start making more money since then.

Nicole got her master’s in Social Work at Columbia University and has written for Forbes, Huffington Post, and MindBodyGreen.

She’s obsessed with entrepreneurship, women becoming wealthy, Apothic wine, and never misses a Taco Tuesday. 

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  • How Nicole went from being a former therapist and social worker to a business strategist
  • How women have it so much harder when it comes to working for ourselves

  • Allowing yourself to set goals, and how to set goals





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