Episode 98: Stop Playing Small & Embrace Your Uniqueness with Nadia Finer


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Nadia is a powerhouse business coach, wickedly funny international speaker and author of Little Me Big Business and works to help people unleash their bigness in their business. 

All of her life Nadia has had a really little voice. Over the years, Nadia has learned to embrace her little voice rather than hide behind her insecurities, by turning it into her secret weapon and building a unique personal brand around it. 

Nadia lives in the UK and spends her time helping clients grow their businesses, hanging out with her fuzzy dog Bobby  and getting feisty in the boxing ring. 

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  • Joseph Campbell quote - "The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek."


  • Nadia's experience of learning at fifteen she had a really small voice and making the decision to play small

  •  How keeping yourself small deprives the world of so many wonderful things and how fear is never as big as your head tries to convince you it is.

  • The power of doing something different in your life and your business, how the online business world can make you feel like you should be doing what everyone else is doing (and why we think that’s wrong!) and how you can step outside of this Stepford Wives type model of running your life and business and find things that actually work for you and align with you values.  





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