Episode 16: Sustaining Your Passions & Putting Your Life Online with Michelle Anneliese


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Michelle is a writer, speaker, geek, mental health advocate, and overachiever. She currently runs two blogs: Look Through My Lens and A Geek Girl’s Guide.

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  • What keeps Michelle inspired and how she organises her creative content
  • Michelle’s amazing decision making process based around resouces, time, inspiration, and energy
  • What Michelle does to get her through a bad day and how blogging has helped her through hard times
  • What it’s like when the people you know in your real life find out about what you do online







When I'm not recording episodes, writing bullshit-free Sunday pep Talks to my wonderful Couragemakers community or working 1:1 with clients, I'm usually covered in paint and thinking of imaginative ways of hide my would-be dog from my landlord. 


I’m Meg and I’m the host of Couragemakers and founder of That Hummingbird Life. I’m an INFJ creative and multipassionate who has a bit of a notebook and post-it note obsession, loves foot-stomping country music and likes her hot chocolate with way too much chocolate.

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