Episode 12: Leaning into Discomfort with Jennifer Sterling


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Jennifer Sterling is an Emotional Eating Coach. She helps women stop eating their feelings and release the physical, mental and emotional weight that’s keeping them from feeling their absolute best.

Outside of her business, Jennifer is a mom who enjoys dancing and baking. She can often be found in her kitchen doing both simultaneously.

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  • How your body is always in a state of unconditional love and how to reconnect to your body
  • Why taking care of ourselves is really important not only for ourselves but for the people we look to serve
  • How compassion and working on yourself can change the world and how we behave towards each other
  • Leaning into discomfort and Jennifer’s advice on how to deal with discomfort





When I'm not recording episodes, writing bullshit-free Sunday pep Talks to my wonderful Couragemakers community or working 1:1 with clients, I'm usually covered in paint and thinking of imaginative ways of hide my would-be dog from my landlord. 


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