Episode 123: Courage As Rebellion with Elise Rorick


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Elise Rorick is the creative magic behind Lusicovi Creative. Enchantment Artist, Book Designer + Photographer, Writer, Philosopher, and Creator of The Starlight Journal, and the upcoming Starlight Collective and Create Journal, capturing wonder and creating enchantment are her specialties. She is a giant nerd and is fascinated by stories, the sea, the stars, and exploring questions like “why are we here?” and “where did we come from?”  

Her artwork is always literary inspired with a bohemian feel, and is usually a combination of painting, photography, and historical research. She believes that both fantasy art and fantasy writing are incredibly important, because they allow us to explore very real problems in a safe space.

 Above all, she believes in the value of art to inspire and challenge us, children and adults alike. She hopes that her art, by exploring these big ideas about who we are as humans, and what amazing magical things we are capable of, will inspire others to re-examine what they think and know about the world and about themselves. She believes in spreading magic, beauty, love, and light, so that together we can inspire and empower the world. Lusicovi Creative comes from Elise’s Armenian heritage. “Lus” means “light” in Armenian, and “covi” means “sea.”

In addition to fine art prints and products in her shop, she offers custom book cover design, unique fantasy portraits, and styled product and book photography to other storytellers and creatives around the world. The Starlight Journal is her first major publication. In the fall of 2020 she is releasing the Create Journal, launching the Starlight Collective, and re-publishing her senior thesis work on the myth of Pandora.

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  • How artists should be taught marketing

  • How Else resisted picking a niche

  • The creative process behind The Starlight Journal

  • Everyday magic and synchronicity

  • The evolution of Elise’s business

  • Elise’s advice for anyone who finds it hard to ask for help or feedback

  • How fear and creativity can walk hand in hand

  • Finding your north star and Elise’s north star




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