Episode 31: Taking Your Mask Off & Healing Yourself with Diana Malerba


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Diana is a certified Confidence Coach. She helps women to go from self doubt to self confidence and fulfilment. She is a magnet for all things self confidence, courage and resilience. When she is not coaching, she is an advocate for women empowerment, gender equality and cupcakes. You can find her at The Brave Hearted and read her approach to overcome low self-confidence here.

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  • Diana’s journey from burnout and depression to confidence coach and realising that low self confidence was causing all of the problems in her life
  • Diana’s advice for anyone who wants to start doing their inner work
  • The moment when Diana realised she was asking too much of herself and dealing with unrealistic expectations
  • How we have all the answers inside, it’s just about making the space to listen to the answers





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