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That Hummingbird Life is the online home for creative, multi-passionate and unconventional women who are looking for an alternative way of creating a life that works for them, permission to show up unapologetically and intentionally and tools to embrace their bright, messy and imperfect selves.



Hi, I'm Meg and I run That Hummingbird Life and I believe everything changes when you believe you matter. I work with multi-passionate and creative women who I'll share more about my story further down the page but figured you might want to put a face to a name! 

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Alternative, how?


If you're reading this, I'm going to assume that like me, you're frustrated by the shits and giggles approach to building a life you love. You're sick of the amount of snake oil and you're exhausted by the pressure to be ALL THE THINGS and have everything figured out. (Spoiler alert: no one has all of their shit together).

You've figured out that despite what the 'experts' are selling, you can't build a life you love by following a three-step formula. There is no easy way through, no easy clear route. 

But in a lot of ways, realising that feels a bit like going back to square one.  And it can be a really lonely place.

The fears and self-doubt are still there, and because you don't see your story reflected in the world around you, you think you're on your own and the fears get bigger. 

You'd probably win this game of inner-dreamshitter bingo:



I mean, I get really competitive at Cluedo, but I certainly don't want to win this game for the rest of my life!

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And those fears rattle you down to your ribcage.


So many of us hide our stories because they don't fit into the status quo & we believe we're completely alone in our struggles. But we're not not.


You're given so many reasons to listen to that voice in your head that tells you you're not good enough, you'll never get there, you're not special enough, you don't deserve happiness, your dreams are too big and your idea are ridiculous. Well...



Because here's the thing:


The most radical thing you can do in this world is believe you matter, believe your story is important and believe you can make a difference. 


Beneath all this fear is another narrative that shines through.


Here's what I know for damn sure:


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You can leave your mark. You can do things that no one has ever dreamed of. You can leave a legacy, and you can really change things. 

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You have a combination of skills, strengths, experiences, interests, a perspective and stories that no one else has.

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You can do something that really means something. By really getting to know and own your unique combination of skills and strengths, you can find a way to make the difference that only you can.


And here's the way I see it:



Becoming the woman who’s autobiography you’d love to read comes down to owning, living and sharing your story:


Hold the pen and OWNING your story rather than shying away and erasing the bits of your life you don’t like. It's about embracing imperfections and knowing that you're enough the way you are right now. 


Having the courage to LIVE your life and becoming the main protagonist in your story rather than sitting the sidelines (and recognising that you need to look after yourself along the way, learn how to protect yourself from dreamshitters and keep your own light burning)


Putting yourself out there in the world, and SHARING your story even if your story doesn't fit into the mould, they stick out, or because they don’t fit into the status quo. Especially if they don’t. It’s about having the courage to find a way to put what only you can in the world and having the courage to share your story while you’re still writing it.


The problem is that you’ve become your very own dreamshitter.

But you can quit that job. Let me help you.


Here at That Hummingbird Life, you'll find a shit-tonne of practical resources, permission slips and bullshit-proof strategies to help you show embrace your unique values, strengths, skills, experiences and stories so you can do the work only you can do, and sustainable strategies to keep dreamshitters, self doubt, burnout and people pleasing tendencies at bay.

Actionable blog posts? Check! Encouraging podcast episodes? Check! 1:1 coaching & mentoring? Check!


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I'm Meg Kissack, the one-woman-band behind That Hummingbird Life and The Couragemakers Podcast.

My Story?




I grew up a ridiculously loud and colourful child. If there was noise to be made, I was at the centre of it, and if someone was laughing, it was me. 

But over the years I got weighed down with what people expected of me and frustrated with always feeling like the outsider. 

I was your classic Type A overachiever. Still always the one laughing the loudest, what others couldn't see was the sheer weight of expectation I carried around with me.

Even though I was upbeat on the outside, rocking Doc Martens way before they were cool and generally being 'different' led to a high school experience that was total bollocks (to put it mildly.)

And these stories remained similar for quite some time. Always feeling like the outsider and always feeling like I had the weight of the world on the shoulders.

Like any Type A overachiever, things looked great on the outside. During and after college (where I still felt like the misfit, though didn't mind so much when the alternative was being my room mate vacuuming up her vomit up in a thong) I found my voice and meaning within the feminist movement. An activist and community organiser, I went on to work in big and small domestic abuse charities and worked one to one with wonderful user-run charities to build capacity and sustainability.



But inside? I was disillusioned, exhausted and frustrated. The words ‘Is this it?’ were tattooed onto the inside of my eyelids. I knew I should feel grateful and happy, but something was missing.

It's only in recent years that I've discovered I'm an introvert

I wasn’t living a wholehearted life. I wasn’t fulfilled. I certainly wasn’t following the beat of my drum. Hell, I’d forgotten I had a drum. And I’d given other people the drumsticks. I was doing what everyone (and myself) expected of me. I was pushing myself harder and harder. But for what?

My dreams of travelling, of writing a novel, of putting myself out there certainly weren’t happening. I knew there was so much more.

When things felt like they couldn’t feel much worse, I knew something had to change.  After a serious period of intense depression and anxiety, I decided enough was enough.

My life? It needed to start becoming that. My life.

“I’ve got everything sorted," said no one ever. And that’s certainly the case with me. But now, instead of beating myself up and putting ridiculous pressures on myself, I can now say that I love the messy, colourful, (in all senses of the word), compassionate and flamboyant person that I am. I believe that I matter. And everything really has changed.

I started That Hummingbird Life in 2014 because there has to be more to life. There has to be more than following the rules and doing what’s expected of you. And to do that? It takes a whole lot of courage, conviction and self belief. My hope is That Hummingbird Life will find you when you most need it, and encourage and inspire you to live a wholehearted life.

Right now, I live in London with my wonderful finance Mr. Meg, and I've just come back from a three month trip around the US which is something I've dreamed of doing my whole life.

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also: lip-syncing, ALL stationery, sunflowers magical realism fiction, travelling, dogs, bright colours, the would-you-rather game, foot-stomping country music, Harry Potter and personality quizzes! Things I don't love? I wrote a whole list of my 50 biggest pet peeves here!


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So I say, let’s fuck fear together.

Let’s cloak ourselves in so much courage that we set the world on fire.

Let’s spread that courage exactly like wildfire.

Let’s own our stories, let’s live our stories and let’s share our stories like the world depends on it. 

Because, my friend? It does. 

Start from where you are right now and join fellow couragemakers and dreamchasers in the revolution for embracing your mess, owning your story and starting your own anti-bullshit parade today!