It can be one of the most powerful ways to express yourself, share your stories and find a community of people who get you.

But some of the most soul-fulfilling and magical parts of blogging are being lost: the community, the self validation of putting your story out there, feeling less alone and helping others.

Now blogging comes with this sheer amount of pressure and so many expectations. Instead of focusing on storytelling and connection, everything seems to be about marketing, SEO, social media strategy, and making a full-time income from a blog.

And like everything, that has its place. But what about those of us creative souls who want to start a blog to add more joy to our lives, to start owning and processing our stories, find our tribes and give our creativity a chance to come out and play?

I wrote this ebook because I want to bring blogging back home.

I wanted to write a comprehensive guide of how to start a blog for your creativity’s sake, how to overcome the fear of ever pressing publish, how to find your people online and ultimately how to reignite the magic and joy that blogging can bring.

I want to help you connect with the creativity that lives inside you that you thought you’d lost and find a whole new support network of kindred spirits you’ve spent your whole life searching for through sharing your stories, your passions, your interests, and your SELF.

I want to help you re-discover the grassroots, community oriented and FUN parts of blogging that hve

I’m Meg and I’ve been blogging for five years.

And in those five years, I have met some of my very best friends, become more creative than I could have ever imagined, accepted myself in ways that fifteen-year-old me could only dream of and have adopted a whole new lens of looking at life.

meg kissack.gif

I believe in authenticity over page views.

Truth telling over clickbait.

Sharing openly instead of lecturing.


I’ve been blogging here at That Hummingbird Life since 2014 when I was working in the nonprofit world, feeling burnt out and desperately looking for other ways to do life.

In this guide you’re going to find:

  • All the things that have helped me and all of the things that I wish I knew when I started, including an epic resource list of books, podcasts, tools and software to inspire you and keep you going

  • How to get over the fear of pressing publish and the imposter syndrome that comes with putting yourself out there

  • More ideas on how to keep your creative well full than you can throw a stick, or a snake at so you never have to worry about not knowing what to blog about

  • All the practical shit you need to know to start your blog today without spending a small fortune or needing to know the ins and outs of plugins and hosting

  • How to find your people and build a blogging community

This guide is for you if you’re:

  • Interested in the art of blogging, the power of owning and telling your story

  • Looking to find want your tribe of people online and feel less alone through blogging. (You might just find along the way that you have many people who want to follow your journey and you do end up building a business, but for the purpose of this guide, that’s a bonus)

  • Sick of seeing the same bland click-bait content everywhere and you edge on the more honest and vulnerable side of life

This guide isn’t for you if want*:

  • To start blogging solely as a way of making money

  • To know the latest trends in social media marketing

  • To learn all the ins and outs of different platforms, SEO, and web design

  • Tips on how to promote your blog and get it seen

  • Step by step technical guides on how to master Wordpress and different blogging platforms

    *There are plenty of courses and blogs for that, and I’ve listed the ones I recommned listed in the Epic Blog Resource List in the guide, but if you’re specifically looking to build an income with your blog and want to optimise it for sponsorships, advertising and becoming a social media influencer, this isn’t the guide for you.

So, what do you say? Are your ready to start a blog Couragemakers style?