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But got totally disheartened by the sheer amount of pressure, the expectations and the  technical know-how that seems to come with blogging right now? A

Do you get excited about how much fun you could have but then get totally put off by the huge focus on marketing, networking and being on top of all the latest plugins?

And much less of a focus on what I’ve found to be the most important and the most soul fulfilling parts of blogging: the community, the self validation of putting your story out there, feeling less alone and helping others.

So this is a guide for anyone who wants to start a blog but is put off by all the technical bits, the expense and the idea that you have to do everything and make it a full time job. And for couragemakers like you who want to start a blog as a way to start owning and processing your story, find like minded people and give your creativity chance to come out and play.

Welcome to Bullshit-Free Blogging