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wholehearted coaching for multi-passionate, courage-making, creative, and rebellious women who want to create a life they love and do their own thing and with more sanity, more flow and a shit-tonne of compassion.


 If the world had to put you in a box, they’d probably call you a creative freelancer or a creative business owner. 

Or someone who’s dreaming of being one.

But fuck the boxes.

Let’s face it: there’s no way you could contain everything you do and are into a single noun.

And you wouldn’t want to.

There is no noun that captures your vision, your values, your many passions, your creativity and the soul you put into your work.

People don’t understand that you don’t intentionally seek out to be different - the “conventional” way of life just doesn’t work for you - no matter how hard or how many times you’ve felt pressured to fit yourself into a box.

And when it comes to work? 

Your work isn’t just your work. It’s how you create a life you love and leave your mark.


But here's the things no one really talks about:


It takes a shitload of courage and vulnerability to do your own thing and put yourself out there.

And a very strange and uncomfortable dance with fear and uncertainty. It also takes a shitload of perseverance and self-belief that you somehow need to magically summon every single day. (I mean, fuck, if we could summon things, we’d definitely summon a patronus.)


You crave freedom but IT’S HARD WHEN DOING YOUR OWN THING OFTEN feels unsustainable, frustrating and SOMETIMES sanity questioning.

Your needs and your wellbeing often come last. You dreamt of so many things to do with your freedom, but there’s so much to do, and you feel bad for taking time for you when you’re not where you want to be. So much time is spent teetering on the edge of burnout and wondering if this is the only way, or if there’s more to life. And how you can find it.


It can also be incredibly lonely and isolating.

You crave the company of like-minded creatives and would love someone to bounce ideas with, but you question whether they even exist. You get so sick of the puzzled looks when people ask you what you do. And let’s face it, that question often feels impossible to answer even to yourself. You forget the work you’re doing is actually damn radical in a world full of cookie cutter moulds and predictable expectations.


Whether you’re doing your thing full-time, part-time, side-hustling or just getting your thing off the ground, you’ve all read the stuff about having a strong separation between work and life. 

But when your work and your creativity are such an integral part of YOU, then it’s practically impossible to separate the two. Besides, you’ve spent a lot of time figuring out what you want to do (and what you don’t want to do) - it would just be nice if you had more sanity, more support, and less bullshit.

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Sometimes, in a desperate hunt for a quick fix, you get sucked into the shit sold to us by people who just don’t get us: the courses, the six-figure blueprints, this webinar, that mastermind (just put it on credit card they say!), this ONE TRICK that will solve all of our money, work and burnout worries.

I am SO sick of this shit, and I know you are too. It’s just so tempting when things feel hard, and marketers are getting so much cleverer (read: manipulative). You’ve bought into them, I have, we all have.

But they leave you feeling just as stuck and lost as you were.

You’re left with a bitter taste left in your mouth and also? You’re pissed - because at your core, you knew there wasn’t a magic pill. But for that one moment, things felt more possible.


But here IS where the magic lives:

You know all the answers. YOU know YOU best.

You don’t need a blueprint, a fan dangled new tactic or a 10K mastermind:

You do need a way of accessing your own wisdom, to be treated as a whole person and to find a way of doing your own thing that honours your values, energy, and the things that make you the creative weirdo so many people have come to know and love.

You don’t need a generic one-size-fits-all solution:

You need something that not only honours your creative, rebellious and mission-driven nature, but appreciates it, nurtures it, and celebrates it.

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What if you could live a wholehearted creative life that feels gooD, And is sustainable and incredibly joyful. AND leaves the world a brighter place?

No flat-lays or glam photos to see here! Just me whacking myself in the face with my oversized necklace!

No flat-lays or glam photos to see here! Just me whacking myself in the face with my oversized necklace!

I’m Meg and I’m a coach for multi-passionate, courage-making, creative, and rebellious women who want to do their own thing and get shit done with more sanity, more flow and a shit-tonne of compassion.


  • Actually enjoy the freedom that comes with doing your own thing instead of re-creating the cage you worked so hard to avoid. And to ENJOY the work, not suffer it!

  • Bring your ideas together in a way that makes sense and feels both exciting and sustainable

  • Get shit done, be more productive and get your epic ideas out of your head and your beautiful notebooks actually into the world

  • Work through the decision paralysis that often accompanies fear and uncertainty and make your own roadmap

  • Help ease the anxiety, fear and uncertainty that comes with doing your own thing

  • Help you find much-needed clarity that is so often hard to find when you’re so close to your work

  • Create a schedule that honours and celebrates your energy, your priorities and your values

  • Find the theme that connects the dots between everything you do 

  • Find your people online and offline

  • Enjoy time off, excited to return your work knowing exactly what you need to work on

  • Do great work and leave your mark as well as having time and energy to do fun stuff and be present with the people you love

  • Celebrate the shit out of your small wins and actually review how far you’ve come and the impact you’re making.

  • Be loud and proud when someone asks you what you do, and own your weirdness!

No hard selling, no awkwardness, no bullshit. Just a chance to get to see if we’d be a good fit and explore the epic shit we could do together. 

Handing the mic over to some of my fabulous clients!
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I’m a Welsh INFJ creative introvert living in Liverpool UK and working all over the world. I’m the host of the top-rated on iTunes podcast, Couragemakers, coach, writer, speaker, maker, and all-round rebel-rouser and I believe everything changes when you believe you matter.

I started That Hummingbird Life back in 2014, when I was struggling with burnout and wondering if there was a different way of doing meaningful work and creating a life you love. And I have truly found the work that sets my soul and the world on fire.


Some of the places I’ve been featured:


Now I do my own thing, helping the most eclectic mix of fabulous creative women I’ve ever met to create a wholehearted life they love. And I fucking love it. I’ve worked with writers, illustrators, musicians, researchers, authors, designers, community organisers - many of them blending their own unique combination of a bit of everything - to own, live and share their stories.

I’ve been featured in some seriously cool places was a semi finalist in Rising Tide’s 20 on The Rise 2019 List, The Couragemakers Podcast will be soon celebrating half a million downloads and I couldn’t be happier or more grateful to do the work I do.

Curious about working together?

You have two main options (and a secret third, because - let’s face it, we’re all rebels here!)


Narrow & Deep

this is where we get laser-focused on one particular area that’s holding you back in your creative life and work, and find creative solutions & strategies you can move forward!

You get:

  • Provoking questions and journal prompts to get you thinking about the heart of the issue and get me up to speed before our call (that way we can spend maximum amount of time working on the issue)

  • A 90 minute clarity session on Skype. This is where shit gets real.

  • A 45 minute update call two weeks later to explore any obstacles, troubleshoot and get feedback from me

  • Email accountability and weekly inspiration emails for 1 month after the clarity session. Weekly check-ins will keep you on track and the inspiration emails are chock full of resources to help and keep you going.

  • Comprehensive notes and mp3 recording of our two sessions to go back and listen to.

You leave knowing your next steps, individualised strategies you will use time and time again and a customised action plan (and accountability) for moving forward.


Payment plans are available and will not exceed total amount.


Humming-Bird’s Eye View

think of this like an MOT for your whole creative life and work. we’ll do a wide and deep excavation together to make your work more enjoyable, sustainable, cohesive, purposeful and impactful.

You get:

  • 360 degree workbook to be completed before our first call. This will give us both a chance to review where you’re at and find a perfect starting point! This also serves as a way of maximising the helpfulness of the calls.

  • 4 x 90 minute strategy sessions on Skype where we dive deep and wide. These can be done over the course of a month but many clients find it helpful to do it over two months for time to implement strategies between calls

  • Email support between calls including accountability and inspiration emails full of tailored resources to check out

  • Comprehensive notes and mp3 recording of our calls to go back and listen to.

You leave with a completely unique and sustainable approach to your work, a plan for your next 100 days, and feeling excited to work in a way that feeds and fulfils your soul.


Payment plans are available and will not exceed total amount.


Curious? Wondering if we’d be a good fit or want to get a better idea of what we could work on?

No hard selling, no awkwardness, no bullshit. Just a chance to get to see if we’d be a good fit and explore the epic shit we could do together.


What you can expect when we work together:


I know how precious your creativity, your ideas and your process are to you - I feel the same. And if you’re like me, it can feel pretty vulnerable and scary bringing someone else along on the journey.

I also know how big a decision hiring a coach can be. Sometimes it can be so hard to justify spending money on ourselves and we worry if it’ll work out.

If you’re curious to see if my approach would work for you, here’s what you can expect from working together:


A compassionate, bullshit-free and non-judgemental approach from someone who’s been there and felt just as stuck in the mud. All of my work is done in alignment with my values: curiosity, courage, integrity, community, and joy. When it comes to getting shit done, I can play bad cop if you need me to, but you’ll be surprised how much compassion gets things moving!


You get my 10+ years of strategic experience working with communities, organisations and individuals. I am a creative and strategic problem solver with the rare combination of being able to see the bigger picture and working out how to get there.


You will receive a workbook prior to our first call to maximise our time together, It includes provoking questions and journal prompts to start getting clarity before we begin and to help me get up to speed. This means we don’t lose precious time together on the call with background and context.


Each coaching session happens via Skype - audio or video - it’s up to you! I give us a ten-minute buffer at the start of each call (not included in the time!). My clients tell me this is something they really value because it takes the pressure off and makes everything feel more comfortable and safe.


After each call, you will receive an mp3 recording of our call and comprehensive notes of what we covered in the session, strategies, resource recommendations and next steps. That way you can be fully present and not worry about taking your own notes. My clients find it invaluable having these to return to in the future.

Payment plans are available for both of the packages I offer (scroll down for more info) and the total price will not come to one penny more. I don’t believe in penalising people for using payment plans.


"Meg is someone who can meet you exactly where you are, and help you find the best way to move forward."

I was feeling very doubtful and discouraged about my ability to work/make money/find a meaningful life purpose. Today, on the other side of working with Meg, I feel like I've changed immensely as a person! I feel so much clearer about who I am and about what I want and don't want in life. I feel more grounded in an understanding of my own mindset (and how it helps and hinders me)

I was so impressed by and grateful for the way she did not use guilt or shame as tools. Instead, she embodied compassion, and made me WANT to improve and to create lasting and nourishing practices in my life. She also may surprise you in being able to guide you to a different path (that you've had inside all along and just haven't been able to see) or a new way of thinking about your life.


textile artist, maker, artist, facilitator

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Sometimes you really do just need someone in your corner who gets it.

Someone who is genuinely excited about what you’re working on and what it can bring to your life. 

Someone who has waded through the mud too and KNOWS it’s possible to create a life you love and leave the world a brighter place.

So if you think maybe this is what you need, but you’re not quite sure, you’re curious but nervous, or you’d like to talk about what tangible things we could achieve together, let’s chat!


No hard selling, no awkwardness, no bullshit. Just a chance to get to see if we’d be a good fit and explore the epic shit we could do together. 

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PS. Secret option 3? If you’re looking for less strategic and intensive work, I have an email accountability offering called Get Shit Done! This is for creative folks who know what you need to do but just need a shitload of accountability, and a boost to make shit happen. If this sounds like you, click here to find out more, or get in touch below to see if this option would be a good fit for you.