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You’re a dreamer with a vision.

You want to set the world on fire, you’ve got an idea you want to make happen, but after that it gets a bit, fuzzy.

Maybe you’ve already started, but things are feeling pretty hard.

While you can see the big picture as if it was on the big screen – you struggle when it comes to getting your dream into action.

There are so many things to do, a thousand moving parts and if you’re being honest, sometimes your excitement lapses and you just feel…overwhelmed. You don’t know what to do first, and the starting point looks a bit blurry.

The small details feel insignificant, you’re not sure what to focus on and it all gets a bit frustrating.

And the more frustrated you get, the more it feels like your vision could never come to life and that thought alone is enough to send you down a rabbit hole you don’t want to go down.

You know that you need a plan, but the problem is, where to even start?

But what if you could be a dreamer with a vision, with a plan?

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Introducing Make Shit Happen! - three months of action, support and world-changing for doers makers and world shakers who have the the destination but need help with the roadmap.



You bring your values, your excitement and your big vision


I’ll bring my superpower of being able to energise ideas and help creative thinkers turn ideas into action.

By the end of the month of working together, you’ll have an action plan which not only feels good for you, but feels possible.


Examples of a creative vision:


  • Writing your first novel and getting it traditionally published.
  • Creating an online movement for craftivists to encourage each other, share their work and ideas and create global pieces of art.
  • Starting a stationary business on the side with the plan for it to become your main source of income.
  • Creating an annual local festival celebrating local artists, independent businesses and ethical from farm to table sellers.


But I'm pretty sure you know what yours is!


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Make Shit Happen! is series of four 90-minute coaching sessions (with email support in between), taking you from an dream that exists inside your head into a tangible action plan so your idea can exist in the world. We will have a session every fortnight so you have time to implement tasks between sessions. (Also, you get a free month of email accountability coaching after the sessions, but more on that later!)


Over the period of 8 weeks, we’ll work through:



We start your first session by really diving into your vision, developing it so that it is rooted in your values and what motivates you.



In the second session, we examine the different ways you could bring your idea into the world. In this session, we start looking at the big pieces that need to happen to bring your vision into the world and laying the foundation for your action plan.



In the third session, we get really concrete and break down the big pieces into actionable steps. We really start fleshing out your plan which will be finalised during our final session.




In our final session, we finalise your action plan! Integral to our final session is looking at your next steps and discussing ways you can start to tackle your plan in a way that energises you rather than overwhelming you.



To really make shit happen, the coaching package includes a free month’s subscription of my email accountability service Get Shit Done!



Because putting a plan into action can be scary, and sometimes we need all the encouragement and accountability we can get. Genuine encouragement and accountability can sometimes be the difference between a plan staying in a drawer or a plan coming to life.


Plan + Action + an extra dollop of encouragement = WORLD CHANGING.

You have six months to redeem your free month’s subscription of Get Shit Done! You can either do it straight after our sessions to help you get this show on the road, or you can redeem further down the line when you feel you really need it.


Payment plans available, please email me for details


I’m Meg, founder of That Hummingbird Life, host of The Couragemakers Podcast and an INFJ creative, multi-passionate notebook hoarder.

I created Make Shit Happen for because it got to a point where I knew it was the work I couldn’t not do. Whether it’s working within non-profits and NGOs, or working with fellow creatives, my passions and strengths lie in a rare combination of big picture thinking and dreaming and getting really action oriented and bringing things to life. I want to live in a world where the visions of creatives and multi-passionates like me and you exist and thrive in real life. I believe people should do the work and create the things they feel they were meant to do. And that’s how the world changes, one ripple at a time.

(You can read more about my story here.)

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“Meg is amazing! I love that she is not bossy, but made me feel really listened to and customized her suggestions/exercises for me. I was amazed at how much progress I made in less than a month with her help.. I liked how she would follow up and send something in between sessions. Meg was gentle, acted as a guide, gave me ideas, and asked really good questions. “




But I also know that it doesn’t have to feel so intimidating and we can find a way of bringing your vision to life that lights you up!

Because your vision is so much more than a pipe dream contained within a treasured notebook or a half sketched google doc.

So let’s take that vision out of your albeit beautiful notebook and out into the world. There are people out there, craving and ready for the very thing you’re dreaming of.

Ready to create your own roadmap and really make shit happen?

Then, let’s do it!

If a payment plan would work better for you, please email me and we can work one out. The total cost will not exceed the £497 (I don’t believe in penalising for payment plans!)

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Your creativity, your ideas and your process are precious to you, and if you’re anything like me, it can feel pretty vulnerable and scary bringing someone else along on the journey.  So if you think maybe this is what you need, but you’re not quite sure, please ask. And if you’re feeling pretty nervous about the whole process, let’s chat! I don’t want an unanswered or unasked question or unexpressed concern to keep you from really making shit happen!

Use the form below and I’ll get back to you very soon!

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Fuck This Shit! is part of the Epic Shit Sessions – four standalone mentoring and coaching packages for creatives, multi-passionates, doers, makers and world shakers who want to bring their ideas, creativity and dreams into reality. Each are designed for a different stage of the creative journey.

Choose your adventure and the support you need for where you are in your creative journey:

the ultimate brainstorming session

For creatives and multi-passionates who are struggling with too many ideas and want clarity on what makes them unique and how they can bring their ideas together


The ultimate encouragement and cheerleading experience for creatives and multi-passionates who want accountability and support to bring their ideas to life and/or manage multiple projects. Let's get this shit done!


An SOS session for frustrated and overwhelmed creatives who have no fucks left to give and can't remember why they started. Let's go find your enthusiasm and create some strategies to help you move forward!