You have some ideas of things you could do. In fact you have quite a few ideas. But they’re not quite…right.

They’re not quite you.

Or perhaps you have too many ideas and don’t know where to start when it comes to deciding on what to focus on and how.

And sometimes it gets really frustrating. You get fed up of having ideas that come and go as your enthusiasm for them dips up and down.

You don’t want to dedicate your enthusiasm, passion and energy towards an idea that doesn’t completely fill you with joy.


You have an inkling. You have a nagging thought at the back of your head that there must be a way of bringing your ideas together that make sense, in a way only you can do.

A way of seeing that all of your ideas and interests are connected, giving you room to grow and develop, instead of making you feel like a flake and like you never commit.

But you’re not quite sure how.




Get Shit Rolling is the ultimate brainstorming session for multi-passionate creatives who want to connect the dots, find something that truly excites them and prove that nagging inkling right.



You bring yourself, your values and an open mind.


I bring my superpowers of being able to figure out what sets someone apart, connect the dots between seemingly unrelated ideas and my indisputable enthusiasm and encouragement.

And together we put our heads together and really get this shit rolling!

Our brainstorming session might go several ways, depending on where you’re at and what you’re looking for.

We could end up:


  • Finding a way of weaving all of your passions under one roof, with room to grow and develop

  • Connecting the dots between all of your interests and paint the bigger picture of your purpose and how you want to leave your mark

  • Bringing excitement to existing ideas, by letting your values lead the way and creating a timeline or priority list so you don’t feel so overwhelmed and can focus on one project at a time

  • Conjure up lots of new ideas that feel much more you and form a plan to bring them to life


Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 16.52.31.png


“Before Get Shit Rolling! I was feeling stuck—I knew I had potential and ideas to share that could make a positive impact, but I didn’t know what sort of project to pursue. My previous ideas were feeling stale and I wasn’t excited about them enough to fuel meaningful action. I hadn’t thought it was possible to wrap all of my interests/ideas into a single project, but Meg was able to look at the big picture, ask me questions that got to the essence of it all, and help me come up with an idea that encompasses my full self.

Now I feel so excited because now I can see the doors wide open and know exactly what small steps to take next to get everything rolling. I love that the idea we found will be able to grow and evolve along with me, as this is very important to me. My favourite part of our work together was to idea bounce with someone who “gets” me. Meg is incredibly creative, so there aren’t boxes limiting her ideas, plus she’s so passionate about work/creations which make a positive impact.”

rebecca rose thering, COACHING CLIENT






Before our call, I will send you some worksheets full of insightful questions which will help get the wheels turning. You’ll find more clarity and be able to get everything out of your head and onto paper, and the questions will help me get to know you and start connecting the dots ahead of our call.



Your Get Shit Rolling! session will take place on Skype. The choice to do an audio or a video call is up to you. The session will include a ten minute buffer at the start of the session to shake off the nerves and get comfortable!



After our 90 minute brainstorming session, I’ll send you a recording of our call for you to keep, so you can wring out all of the ideas and not feel pressured to capture everything in the moment.

A couple of weeks or up to a month after our brainstorming session – you let me know what works for you – we have a 45 minute catch up call. You can use this call as you wish. Maybe you’ll want to use the call is to further develop ideas or to bounce any ideas you’ve had since our call together. Or maybe you have some specific questions, or just want to have an update and put together the next steps.

We’ll finish working together end on a high, celebrating your wins and you’ll receive a custom Keep Going document with further resources and recommendations of things to check out to inspire you and motivate you on your journey..



And that, my friend, is how we get shit rolling.

If you have an open mind and are ready to explore, let’s get this show on the road!


I’m Meg, founder of That Hummingbird Life, host of The Couragemakers Podcast and an INFJ creative, multi-passionate notebook hoarder.

Get Shit Rolling! has naturally developed from the work I have been doing with fellow creatives, dreamers and inside organisations for years.

As a multi-passionate person, I know firsthand how frustrating it can be to keep momentum and sustain passion and energy for an idea that you were in love with when you started. I know how it feels to have lots of ideas and struggle to find the one that’s going to last. Over the last five years, I have really found a way to bring my passions, skills and strengths under one roof, and developed methods to help other people do the same. My work here on That Hummingbird Life and The Couragemakers Podcast is born directly as a result of that and I could not be happier to do the work I do.

My hope with the Get Shit Rolling! session is to help fellow creatives and multi-passionates find a way of doing their work that is both fulfilling and sustainable.

Also, brainstorming, developing and enthusing ideas is definitely my superpower!

(You can read more about my story here.)



“Before starting our work together I felt stuck on many levels. I had just left my former job which was draining and partly pretty soul-sucking. I was in the middle of starting a new job soon-ish, had a six-week long break in between jobs and sort of tried to figure out where I was headed with all my ideas concerning my future and my career. I had many ideas on my mind of how to create a little coaching business on the side and did not really see where to start or even go with that idea. After our sessions, I seriously feel like a big curtain has lifted and I can see clearer and it feels all easier and I am more light-hearted.What is really unique about Meg’s of working is her skill of asking the deep, important questions and getting to the roots of topics/ issues/ themes. If you are looking for an amazing coach who not only creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere and a safe space for thoughts, ideas, concerns but helps you figure out what the matter at its core is with the deep questions, do not hesitate, do it!”

rike dreyer, COACHING CLIENT


Sometimes progress is taking a couple of steps back and pausing to see what’s not right.

Sometimes you just need to turn to the problem and face it.

I can promise you that there will be strictly no just think positive’s or any other faux empowerment bullshit. I’m talking about getting our boots on, wading through the mud and creating tangible strategies and taking action.

So, let’s look fear in the face together, cook up strategies that are tailored to you, your values and what matters to you, and let’s fuck this shit together.


Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 14.55.42.png


Your creativity, your ideas and your process are precious to you, and if you’re anything like me, it can feel pretty vulnerable and scary bringing someone else along on the journey.  So if you think maybe this is what you need, but you’re not quite sure, please ask. And if you’re feeling pretty nervous about the whole process, let’s chat! I don’t want an unanswered or unasked question or unexpressed concern to keep you from really getting shit done!

Use the form below and I’ll get back to you very soon!

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Fuck This Shit! is part of the Epic Shit Sessions – four standalone mentoring and coaching packages for creatives, multi-passionates, doers, makers and world shakers who want to bring their ideas, creativity and dreams into reality. Each are designed for a different stage of the creative journey.

Choose your adventure and the support you need for where you are in your creative journey:


A series of action-oriented sessions for dreamers who have their big vision but struggle with turning it into a reality. Let's create that roadmap together!


The ultimate encouragement and cheerleading experience for creatives and multi-passionates who want accountability and support to bring their ideas to life and/or manage multiple projects. Let's get this shit done!


An SOS session for frustrated and overwhelmed creatives who have no fucks left to give and can't remember why they started. Let's go find your enthusiasm and create some strategies to help you move forward!