Let’s face it – things aren’t really happening as you'd like them to be

Believe me, I get it.

The sheer resistance and fear that comes with working on your projects and ideas;

The waking up in the middle of the night worrying that you’ll never find your mojo or the nerve to get shit done;

The overwhelm. The lack of time. All the reasons ever.


You know there has to be a way.

You know that if you could just find the time, the support, the encouragement and the accountability, things might be a bit different.

(And no, I don’t mean that well-intentioned friend who always make excuses for you and inadvertently  keeps you stuck.)

In fact, you’ve got a feeling that things could be very different.

But you just don’t know where to find that support you really need.


Introducing the Get Shit Done accountability subscription (with no ties)

Get Shit Done! is an email encouragement experience for creatives, multi-passionates and couragemakers like you who have an idea but just need that extra something to really make it happen, some accountability, inspiration and a month (or more) of action. Together, we create goals, have weekly check ins and I help you to find the time and inspiration to get shit done!



You bring your goals, your to-dos and the things you want to do.


I bring my encouragement, resistance busting strategies and gentle kicks up the backside (and LOTS of resources!)

And together we find a way to get shit done that not only works but feels like fun!

What kind of thing could I keep you accountable for?


  • Starting a creative project that you’ve been thinking of for months
  • Starting a new habit/practice that you know will make your life better but you keep putting off.
  • Continuing with a project that you want to dedicate more time to
  • Giving the last push on a project or deadline that’s keeping you up at night!
  • Finding a way of weaving all of your passions under one roof, with room to grow and develop
  • Connecting the dots between all of your interests and paint the bigger picture of your purpose and how you want to leave your mark
  • Bringing excitement to existing ideas, by letting your values lead the way and creating a timeline or priority list so you don’t feel so overwhelmed and can focus on one project at a time
  • Conjure up lots of new ideas that feel much more you and form a plan to bring them to life
Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 16.52.31.png

“I was always overwhelmed by the amount of work Meg put into the emails, how personal they were to me, and how tailored for my specific needs. I didn’t expect such personal attention, such marvellous, gentle support, and to grow so much.

Before Get Shit Done! I was feeling overwhelmed; there was so much I (felt) I should have been doing. There was so much I (felt) I was failing at. I didn’t know where to start. I was stuck, and on the verge of getting very ill. Now I feel capable! Excited! Enthusiastic! Joyful! :)  

I received much wisdom from Meg, and realised that the ‘everything’ I need to do, is the ‘everything’ that only I can do. ‘Everything’ has changed. I loved how Meg taught me to be gentle with myself and opened me up to learning so much about myself and the way I operate. Do it! You will have no regrets.”





We kick off your month** with some colourful worksheets to get clear on your project, goals and your why (which are great reminders to go back to) so I can best support you.

**there are no ties – you can simply get one month or there are options for three/six months and reoccurring, options below.

Once you’ve decided on what date you’d like to start, we get down to it!

You get 2 emails every week completely custom to you and your what you would like me to keep you accountable for. You decide which days of the week work best for each email during the worksheets.




 Every week we have a check-in day – to see how you’re doing, for you to update me on what progress you’ve made and for us to practically deal with any resistance that comes up. Each week we set new goals and this is where a lot of the magic happens.



Think of this one a bit like a receiving a hand written letter with loads of confetti in it. The second email will be full of short bursts of inspiration and motivation – article/interview/book/podcast recommendations tailored to your project and where you’re at and any other fun things I find that I think will help you out. They’ll be short enough not to distract your attention from your goal but helpful enough to push you to keep going! (You let me know whether you prefer written/audio/video in the worksheets)


At the end of the month, we do a review that really helps you to really celebrate the shit out of your wins and keep the momentum going. You also receive a customised Keep Going document with ideas of next steps to take and further resources/sources of inspiration.


The only requirement for Get Shit Done! is that you have to be willing to do the work and take the first steps. Resistance is a complete idea and motivation killer, and we’re going to work together to find ways to quiet your resistance, but you need to be serious about making progress (whatever that looks like for you) from the outset.



And that, my friend, is how you get shit done.

If you're willing to do the work and serious about getting shit done, let's get started, shall we?


I’m Meg, founder of That Hummingbird Life, host of The Couragemakers Podcast and an INFJ creative, multi-passionate notebook hoarder.

As a creative and multi-passionate, I can firmly say that me and resistance are on first name basis.  I know the fear. I know the demons by name. But I also know they can be defeated, and with support and encouragement, you CAN start and you can have a lot of fun along the way.

While there are so many brilliant things that come with the creative and dream-chasing territory, sometimes things can feel so. damn. hard. If there’s one proven thing that helps get shit done, it’s accountability. Especially accountability with someone who has been in the trenches as well, and just gets it. I created Get Shit Done! because not everyone needs the months of intensity of long coaching packages. Sometimes encouragement, enthusiasm accountability are all you need to go from waking up with midnight sweats to being proud, productive and putting epic shit in the world!

(You can read more about my story here.)



But sometimes you really do just need someone in your corner who gets it.

Someone who is genuinely excited about what you’re working on and what it can bring to your life.

Someone who has been just as stuck in the mud.

I can promise you that there will be strictly no cheesy 90s style American cheerleaders or positive quotes that mean nothing.

Instead we’ll focus on overcoming hurdles, taking action and getting you to where you want to be.

So, let’s get shit done together. Let’s embrace where you are right now, look at where you want to be and let’s find a fun way to get you from A to B!


“Meg is the real deal! I feel much more organized, less stressed and excited bout the future! Meg is very uplifting but you also are good at calling people out and then supporting them by finding a way to work through the bull-shit and get over our own hurdles. The work we did was so actionable and so planned out that I am able to go back and apply what we did to whatever else comes up!”




Your creativity, your ideas and your process are precious to you, and if you’re anything like me, it can feel pretty vulnerable and scary bringing someone else along on the journey.  So if you think maybe this is what you need, but you’re not quite sure, please ask. And if you’re feeling pretty nervous about the whole process, let’s chat! I don’t want an unanswered or unasked question or unexpressed concern to keep you from really getting shit done!

Use the form below and I’ll get back to you very soon!

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Fuck This Shit! is part of the Epic Shit Sessions – four standalone mentoring and coaching packages for creatives, multi-passionates, doers, makers and world shakers who want to bring their ideas, creativity and dreams into reality. Each are designed for a different stage of the creative journey.

Choose your adventure and the support you need for where you are in your creative journey:


For creatives and multi-passionates who are struggling with too many ideas and want clarity on what makes them unique and how they can bring their ideas together


A series of action-oriented sessions for dreamers who have their big vision but struggle with turning it into a reality. Let's create that roadmap together!


An SOS session for frustrated and overwhelmed creatives who have no fucks left to give and can't remember why they started. Let's go find your enthusiasm and create some strategies to help you move forward!