And whoever "they" are, I'm right there with them!


I know how big a decision hiring a coach can be. Sometimes it can be so hard to justify spending money on ourselves and we worry if it’ll work out. If you’re curious to see if we’d be a good fit or if my approach would work for you, here’s what some of my past clients have said about working with me and our time together to give you a better idea!

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Before working with Meg, I felt SO lost!! My job was getting me down and making me resentful with no mental energy - I was a husk!! I wanted to find my place in the world but just didn't know how to get there. I was I felt completely useless with zero confidence. I went in feeling like a tiny little scared mouse hiding away not knowing what to do or where to go .

Although I'll always feel a bit of a scared mouse, after working with Meg, I'm now riding up front with the lions facing whatever is to come :) 

I’m quitting my job to work for myself - I'm about to change my entire life and feel like YES I can actually do this!! With all seriousness couldn't have made the decision if I been working with Meg, it's helped me plot out a new path in my life, one that is totally unexpected. 

Working with Meg has been one of the best investments I ever made and it's an investment in myself!! Really believe that working with Meg has been a game changer!! Don't be scared off by the 'coach' label it's not the stereotypical 'Life Coach = Life Crisis' experience. The idea of 'coaching' has always seemed a bit sleazy and a bit corporate. It was a bit scary putting my money out there for what was the unknown however listing to Meg’s The Couragemakers Podcast, I felt like I was able to identity with the issues that were being talked about and that made me feel you would get how I was feeling! Coaching is just like training for a sport, you need someone to have your interests at heart, cheer you on, keep you on track and help you up when you fall! Oh and celebrate the wins!!!!!!!!! People invest in Gym memberships to improve how they feel outwardly so what's the difference in changing how you feel about the rest of you?!

After working with Meg, I feel bloody brilliant!! I feel like I can achieve so much more than I ever thought possible. Meg has helped me to change the way I think about myself and what I'm capable of. She is always so positive and realistic about what can be achieved and she is a fountain of knowledge and always has some sort of valuable resource to hand. 

Meg is warm and real!! She say it like it is and this is gold in itself. She helps move people forward by asking the right question and enforcing accountability but leads by kindness! She helps identity strengths in people and come up with practical actionable steps! As well as a whole heap of references and resources to pull from. 

She is the cheerleader everyone deserves! After working with Meg, I genuinely feel like a whole new person, Imi 2.0!!

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Prior to working with Meg, I was feeling stuck—I knew I had potential and ideas to share that could make a positive impact, but I didn't know what sort of project to pursue. My previous ideas were feeling stale and I wasn't excited about them enough to fuel meaningful action. I hadn't thought it was possible to wrap all of my interests/ideas into a single project, but Meg was able to look at the big picture, ask me questions that got to the essence of it all, and help me come up with an idea that encompasses my full self.

Now I feel so excited because now I can see the doors wide open and know exactly what small steps to take next to get everything rolling. I love that the idea we found will be able to grow and evolve along with me, as this is very important to me.

My favorite part of our Get Shit Rolling! package was to idea bounce with someone who "gets" me. Meg is incredibly creative, so there aren't boxes limiting her ideas, plus she's so passionate about work/creations which make a positive impact.

I loved working with Meg -she exceeded all of my expectations. I especially liked that she recorded and emailed me the calls; I wouldn't have expected it to be as helpful as it was to listen again after some time had passed, but they were very valuable. I also liked how Meg allowed for some chit chat before the call. Again, this is something I hadn't even thought of, but believe it did help me relax and get more comfortable before the "official" session began.

If you feel like you have something positive to offer the world but don't exactly know what, if you're afraid you could be doing so much more to create the world in which you want to live but don't know what action to take, if you want to bring your full, genuine self into the world but could use some encouragement, Meg is absolutely the woman to work with.

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Illustrator & Digital Storyteller

“Working with Meg has got me back on track doing what I love, incorporating my core values and daring to be authentic.

Before I started working with Meg, I felt lost and overwhelmed by all the different hats one has to wear as a self employed artist. I started to doubt myself and my decisions because there was no one I could bounce them off with. Now I feel re-assured that I’m good enough and full of good ideas and plans we developed together which gave me a sense of direction.

What is special about working with Meg is that she doesn’t apply a one-fits-all-solution but are sensitive to the individual quirks and needs. Meg’s positivity, excitement and enthusiasm are contagious! She is the perfect feel-good boost doubting artists like me need! If you’re thinking of working with Meg, go for it!”

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Writer, Teacher, Activist, Actor, and Academic.

"Before working with Meg I was feeling overwhelmed; there was so much I (felt) I should have been doing. There was so much I (felt) I was failing at. I didn't know where to start. I was stuck, and on the verge of getting very ill. 

What is unique about working with Meg is the passion she has for her work, and for mine; her unbounded enthusiasm; her unconditional support; her ability to help me see *myself* more clearly.

I loved how Meg taught me to be gentle with myself and opened me up to learning so much about myself and the way I operate. Now everything has changed. Everything. Because 'everything' has changed: I received much wisdom from Meg, and realised that the 'everything' I need to do, is the 'everything' that only I can do. Now I feel capable! Excited! Enthusiastic! Joyful! :)"

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Creative Director

"Meg is an absolute god-send. I had a brutal period where my dream-based goals were being destroyed by negative people in my family and it destroyed me. I turned to Meg to help me get back my courage and be more resilient in the face of bullshit. Not only did she help me get my emotions (and productivity!) back on track, I now know that I am not alone in facing these struggles as a creative, passionate, bad ass woman.

She listened, comforted, and assured me— but not just that- she gave me actionable steps to bring my reality back to joy.

I recommend her to every single ambitious woman venturing in the world in their own way. She is an invaluable resource to this world and I am endlessly grateful to know her and for her sharing her knowledge, talents, and gifts. " 

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Author, Critic and Journalist

Before I started Get Shit Done! I was very blocked and very stressed. I didn’t feel like I had any control over my workflow and I felt pretty isolated.

The biggest impact of working with Meg was how we overhauled my approach to work! My favourite part of working together was having someone to analyse my to do list with and make sure it’s really serving me. I now have so many more strategies not only for my work, for my work life balance and everything feels possible! Get Shit Done! was all I thought it would be and more. 

The weekly resource-based motivation emails were exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed them. They felt tailor-made for me and like Meg really got what I needed - even when I didn’t! If you're looking for hand holding, ass kicking and perspective, do it. Do it do it do ittttt. DO IT!

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After working with Meg, I feel lighter!  I feel like there are more possibilities! I feel more deserving. I can enjoy my life more and I do enjoy my work more. I have more focus and feel more creative.

I also really appreciated that Meg didn't tell me what to do. I didn't need that! It felt doable and positive and Meg just asked me to try my best. I felt like we connected quickly, she created a space of trust and didn't judge. The homework made me feel like I was always moving forward and the speed didn't matter. It was at my pace and what I needed. I felt like someone was in my corner. Like a safe space to share how I really feel and not paint it in a completely positive way and I felt comfortable to share how much more I wanted for myself.

I was amazed at how much progress I made in less than a month with Meg's help. She was gentle, acted as a guide, gave me ideas, asked really good questions. I liked how she would follow up and send something in between sessions.

Do it for yourself! You deserve it. You won't believe the transformation on the other side. Meg is supportive, kind, gentle, an amazing guide and you will be in good hands.

It is a little life coaching, a lot of support, understanding, accountability, like a partner in your life who is totally on your side, a gift to yourself and your potential, someone to help you uncover or get back to yourself, what you enjoy, the little things that bring you joy. 

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Rike Drayer.png


Since working with Meg, I feel that I am actually capable of going out into this world and showing the person I am with a more confidence. I try to speak up more for myself. Before the sessions I felt more like I would hide myself, not speak about what concerns and matters to me and kept to myself more in conversations and meetings with strangers, people I did not know well or did not trust. Now I feel like I have found this seed of confidence in me again that needs to be watered and pampered. But it grows steadily.

I was amazed by how Meg narrowed themes/ issues/ topics/ rambly thoughts of mine down to the main thing and summed them up in her own words. She seemed to filter out the essential theme or topic.

I think what is really unique about Meg's way of working is her skill of asking the deep, important questions and getting to the roots of topics/ issues/ themes. As a coach, Meg created a warm and welcoming atmosphere during the coaching sessions where I felt understood and heard.

Working with Meg has been one of the most empowering experiences for me!

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Before working with Meg, I was probably way more fearful of success then I actually realized. As we went through our sessions it was more that #1: I didn't understand all i needed to do to be successful and #2: I finally realized I held myself back by self-sabotage because it had been a habit engrained from my younger days. I knew by failing I would be responsible to no one. Now I want to be responsible to myself and others but need systems and support to do so. After working with Meg I more organized, less stressed and excited bout the future! We really hit a high-note (no pun intended) working through my issues with getting onstage. It became fun and my fear faded and the work began. I set myself up for success and because of that I actually enjoyed my success.

Meg is very uplifting but you also good at calling people out and then supporting them by finding a way to work through the bull-shit and get over our own hurdles.

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If you're interested in working together, you can find out all about The Epic Shit Sessions here, read more about my approach and if you have any questions or are wondering if we'd be a good fit, please get in touch - I'd love to hear from you!



(and if you're not sure what they are, Get Shit Rolling! might be just up your street!)