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Fuck Dreamshitters: A Manifesto for Couragemakers

You do not owe anything to anyone, regardless of how they make you feel otherwise. You do not owe anyone an explanation for who you are or how you live your life. That decision is up to you alone.  

You will change. You will go through experiences that alter and develop the fundamentals of who you are. That’s life - that is how you grow and develop as the person only you can be.

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When Dream Chasing Goes Wonky

I wrote a lot about dream chasing before me and Mr. Meg left for our three-month trip around the US. About the big pause, about the not so glamorous side of dream chasing and about the need to write your own adventure story. Now it’s time to talk about when dreams becomes reality and when […]

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Dreamshitters, Standing Up For Yourself & Losing People Along The Way

There’s something people don’t tell you when you start to stand up for yourselves and following the beat of your drum. And that’s this: often you’ll lose someone along the way. Somewhere between finding your voice and dealing with dreamshitters, something changes. You stand taller. You talk with conviction. You start to lose your people […]

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Dream Chasing & The Big Pause

Lately I’ve been getting really honest about the not so glamorous side of dream chasing, and how my life is changing now I’m actively seeking to be the woman who chases adventures instead of passively wanting to write about these women. And I want to touch upon something I’ve not really talked a huge amount […]

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Read this if you've ever felt like a fraud

I want to talk about something today that we don’t really like to talk about, or admit. We all feel like frauds. Who am I to be doing this? Why should someone pay me attention/money to do this?  What if they find out that I feel like a mess and discover I’m a massive fraud? […]

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You’re not Brené Brown, but you’ve still got a story

I just want to start by saying that I love Brené Brown. I’ve watched the TED talks, bought the books, didn’t buy the t-shirt because it was too expensive. And I love the ‘others’ too – you know who I mean. The big name people talking about big ideas and concepts in profound way. I find […]

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