The Ultimate Napping Playlist

I absolutely bloody love napping. I really think it's one of life's simplest luxuries. And I can say with pride (maybe too much pride), that I have NAILED the art of napping.

All it takes is a good playlist, my epic flamingo blanket and sometimes my huge cuddly bear (come on, we're all adults and I know I'm not alone in this).

When I was in the midst of hardcore burnout, naps were an absolute staple. And now I work from home and work many many more hours than I ever have done, napping has become essential on the days where my brain feels fried and I feel overwhelmed.

But don't get me wrong, if the depression starts creeping in, if I'm having a bad day or feeling really down, a nap it is.

And while I'm not going to go into napping tips here (there are some great articles out there), I've found what really works for me is making sure I don't nap under the duvets unless it's really cold (otherwise it's nearly impossible to get up) and through extensive sleeping experimentation, my napping sweet spot is half an hour.

We all need to take time out. We live busy lives, and sometimes things get too much. And I've always found that it's exactly when I think I shouldn't/can't take time out, that I absolutely need to.

I used to think napping made me lazy, until I saw the direct benefits:

I could either keep going and have simple tasks that usually take me ten minutes to do take two hours,or I could nap and wake up a bit more focused.

I could either snap at people I love because I was feeling stressed, or I could take half hour out and have patience and enjoy my time with them instead.

I could either sit around feeling really glum, endlessly scrolling through Facebook and making myself more miserable, or I could give my brain a rest and wake up with a more detached perspective.

I think you know what I'm getting at. If I could go back and rub out S Club 7 on my on my primary school pencil case and replace it with Napping Rules (it was probably with a z, I wasn't and never have claimed to be cool), I would.

So without further ado, here is the Ultimate Napping Playlist. May it accompany you on many pleasant naps and bring you some much needed rest!