Self Care Doesn't Have To Be Glamorous

This week I want to debunk some myths and share with you something I've been struggling with lately. And that's this notion that self care has to be beautiful. It has to be these set of serene moments that are simultaneously Natural Geographic worthy, as well as worthy for high esteemed food blogs. And these serene moments should preferably happen as the sun comes up.

In all honesty, I'm pretty fucking sick of that shit. (I made this pretty clear when Sarah Starrs interviewed me for her Punk Rock Personal Development Podcast)

One of the irrefutable truths I found when I first started taking care of myself and trying to prevent myself from getting burnt out, was this notion that self care doesn't have to be this high horse, impressive thing.

You don't need to listen to Oprah every morning (though, I've just started What I Know For Sure and really recommend it), drink a green smoothie and take a picture for Instagram to practice self care. It doesn't have to look pretty. Often it's messy and you wouldn't want someone to take a picture. It potentially involves a duvet, a boxset or Netflix, greasy hair (come on, I see you! I'm with you too!) and a bar of chocolate.

Self Care Doesn't Have To Be Glamorous
Self Care Doesn't Have To Be Glamorous

But it's taken a while to get to this perspective. I've struggled with falling into the trap of putting strict parameters on what my self care should look like. I've tried to force myself to grab a cup of tea and an inspirational book, listen to non-fiction audiobooks and feeding my inspiration.

And subsequently haven't done anything to make myself feel more rested. Instead of making me feel relaxed, it's made my brain hurt, when all I need is a bit of time off.

There's a time for filling yourself with inspiration, and there's a time for just doing passive activities. And when you're feeling stressed out, tired, anxious or like your brain won't shut up, you don't need to be forcing new ideas into your head. Sometimes you just need to do a passive activity that's going to take you out of your current reality, and give your brain some time to take it slow.

I love binge watching shows when my brain feels full and it turns out that it's my go-to self care for a reason. Because I need something that's passive and going to let me out of my own head. And that I need that couple of days to do just that, and give my brain a good and proper rest.

If you're feeling like this, turn to your time-tested method of what works for you. (And if it's binge watching tv shows, I really recommend the series Scorpion!) And if you don't have a time tested method, then now it's time to experiment. It doesn't have to be binge watching Netflix. It could be grabbing a coffee and people watching, putting your favourite songs on and shutting your eyes, starting a good fiction book, or anything that doesn't feel like it takes much effort for you, and lets you get into that relaxed state.

Your self care is absolutely necessary, and it doesn't have to be some worthwhile worthy thing. It can be putting trashy TV with a tub of Ben & Jerry's and getting lost in the drama. You know you best!

You do you!

What helps you get into that relaxed state? Let me know in the comments!