Repeat after me: I am not superwoman

Maybe people have called you Superwoman. It feels good, right? We’re in control, we’re pleasing everyone, we’re doing all that we can, we may even become canonised (a step too far?).



Being Superwoman may be a massive compliment regarding how we treat others. But it’s not such great news for how we treat ourselves.

But what does it actually mean?

 It probably means that you take little-no time for yourself. And that doesn’t work. Because we need to look after ourselves in order to do anything, to breathe, to be happy, to help others, to name a few. (read this piece). 

But I can do everything. I am Superwoman, I hear you say.

Well, let’s look at the facts. You don’t have the (sexist) outfit, you don’t have the cape, and I know I’ve talked about flying before, but I didn’t mean actual flying. People may call you superwoman, but evidence suggests otherwise (sorry, not sorry).

What you do have though, is an amazing set of skills and gifts which are unique to you, which you can use to work for you in a way that could only ever work for you.

What you don’t have is a limitless amount of energy and time. And these are the things that run out quickly, and lead to burnout and overwhelm.

Instead, it means that you have a set amount of energy and time, and it’s up to you to decide what works for you.



Well, it’s actually a good thing. Those things that take up a long time that you think you should be doing but you hate? Those things that you do for people that they don’t even appreciate? Those times that you spend working your arse off with no recognition?

Throw them away, and start putting your time and energy into things that you enjoy, and that work for you.

Because it all comes down to expectations.

The more unrealistic expectations we put on ourselves are, the more stressed we get. And the more we do for others, not complaining or putting ourselves first, the more other people expect us to do.

And life shouldn’t be about doing things just because you expect yourself to, or others expect you to.

I haven’t quite figured out the meaning of life yet, but I know living it whole heartedly and having fun are a key part to any good life.

So hang up your cape, keep the boots on, and enjoy being you. You don’t need to have superhero capabilities to do amazing things in the world.

And you don’t need wings, or a cape to fly.