Public Service Announcement: It’s Time To Take Off Your Mask


As a society there seems to be a pre-defined notion of how you’re expected to react to certain situations, how each emotion is ‘supposed’ to look and feel like and when you should feel each one.

And without consciously thinking about it, you extend this to other people and decide how you think they should feel or should act. (Everyone does this, you’re not on your own).

And I can’t help but think sometimes how messed up this is.

How sometimes instead of focusing on a problem at hand, or being in the present -no matter how exhilarating or heartbreaking it is – you lose the moment because you get too caught up in your head about what you’re supposed to do, think and feel.

It’s like the whole human experience becomes this censored alternative reality and the things you genuinely feel, think and want to do exist as part of this unseen underworld.

But what would the world be like if you stopped judging yourself and started validating yourself more?

What would it be like if you started to say what you feel see that you have so much more of a choice than you think you do?

What would it be like if you dropped the ‘should’s and started working on accepting the reality instead?

We all strive for authenticity but how authentic can you be when you’re constantly berating yourself and measuring yourself up against what you think you should do, or what is expected of you, or how you think you should feel?

We only have so many spins around the sun – isn’t it time we collectively took off our masks?

Because that’s what it is – a mask.

So, let’s dare to validate ourselves and not give a shit what other people think.

Let’s get ridiculously curious about what we really want for ourselves and who we could be without this rigid set of expectations we put on yourselves.

Let’s peel the edges off the mask together.

And take ourselves out of the cages we’ve unwittingly built for ourselves.

Meg Kissack