Don’t apologise for what makes you happy and excited


I get beyond excited about printers.

About long arm staplers.

About dogs in the park.

About craft stores that have a huge range of things.

About prawn puree from our favourite takeaway.

About entering my office/studio every day and feeling overcome with a massive sense of gratitude.

About walking to the park and immediately filling with relief when I see the trees.

About notebooks, stationery and art shops.

About music so loud it beats in my heart.

About Macklemore.

About libraries, books and beautiful magazines.

About sunny days filled with a breeze and Mr Meg.

About lying in on Sunday mornings and having a bacon baguette with extra ketchup.

About a lot of these things that wouldn’t make it anywhere near your list.

And that’s the point.

Don’t be ashamed of what brings you joy.

Macklemore, dogs and notebooks bring me more joy than I could ever tell you.

That sentence brings me a lot of joy alone.

Quit feeling goofy of embarrassed about what makes you happy.

The list only matters to you.

Share away with pride and be grateful for the things that light you up brighter than anything else.

Meg Kissack