Challenge: Shake things up & do something different

It's so easy get caught up in being so busy that everything else falls to the sideline. Especially when it comes to what we do in our downtime, when we have some. And it's so easy to get so caught up in managing the unique challenges that all of us have, that life can end up feeling really stagnant and we can end up feeling like we're trapped in groundhog day.

That could look like cooking the same meals every week, having an evening routine that gets stale (food, TV, bed) or occupying our days with the same things even though we know we'd prefer to be doing something else.

So I have a challenge for you this week: do something different. 

Challenge - Shake It Up & Do Something Different
Challenge - Shake It Up & Do Something Different

If you love cooking and the weekly menu is looking a bit dire, find a new recipe. If you love reading but you've found yourself just binge-watching Netflix, find a book that you can't wait to read. If you find yourself checking emails endlessly at night, take email off your phone (I've just done this. Game changer) and instead actually relax. If you spend time looking through Pinterest looking at beautiful craft projects, start one.

So much of the time we get stuck in routines that are comfortable but don't make us particularly happy. But you can change that.

I don't mean making up the most elaborate bed time routine in the world (Meditation/Green Tea/Candles/ETC). What I mean is doing just one simple thing differently which is going to make you smile by the time you end the day.

That could be starting your day dancing around the room or chair dancing to your favourite smile. Reading a quote by your favourite author during a break. Picking a different drink from the menu. Phoning your friend instead of messaging. Wearing something you usually reserve for special occasions.

It doesn't matter what it is, as long as it makes you happy.

Sometimes by necessity, and sometimes by choice, our days can look pretty same-y,but that doesn't mean they have to be boring.

So pick your thing and let's see if we can make a life a bit more fun!

I'd love to know what you pick and how it goes. Let me know in the comments!