DIY Pick Me Up Box Tutorial

Sometimes making decisions can seem hard. Especially when things feel bleak. Sometimes we just need a pick me up. And that's what this DIY tutorial is all about.

When I was at the lowest point of burnout I was seriously struggling with depression and anxiety and my zest for life had vanished. I was finding it hard, sometimes even impossible to leave the house, and life felt really shit. And I figured I needed to do something about that.

I'd decoupaged this box a while ago, and figured out a neat use for it. I'd write down all the things that brightened my day and quotes that inspired me, and would create my pick me up box.

Hence the pick me up box was born!


By creating a box of things you know bring you joy/inspire you, it takes the decision making out of the process, something that can really zap your energy/something you can't face when you lose all your enthusiasm or life feels shit.


You need:

  • A box (don't stress about it being the nicest box you've ever seen as this is a great delaying tactic. You can get a better box later.)
  • 2 piece of paper (they should be visibly different from each other, eg. one lined/one paper or different colours
  • Pen

Step 1

Cut both pieces of paper into strips and separate the different pages into piles.

Step 2

  1. Pile 1: On each strip, write the name of an activity that inspires you, relaxes you, gives you energy or makes you happy. (My list includes: If you don't have any deadlines - Netflix binge day! Arrange to meet a friend for coffee. Go make a cup of tea and take a book. Go for a walk. Put on Macklemore/Taylor Swift and dance. Have a one person dance party. 
  2. Pile 2: On each strip, write a quote that inspires you.
strips of paper
strips of paper

Step 3

Mix them all about and put the box somewhere near to your bed, or your desk - somewhere in easy reach!

box in place
box in place

Step 4

Use it. Remember it exists. Go to it when you're feeling low. And let it do its job. Let it pick you up when you're feeling low.

pick me up 3
pick me up 3

It's simple, but it's effective. Find a box and give it a go today. It won't take you longer than half an hour, and you'll have a great tool on hand when you feel tired, feel like giving up, or find life hard.