Are we 'catfishing' ourselves?

I’ve recently got really into the TV programme Catfish. I don’t know whether it’s just a human interest thing, or because me and my partner met online ten years ago, but I’m a bit addicted. There’s just something about watching people at their most vulnerable, put themselves out there and pick themselves back up and start a new journey.

(The premise for any one who hasn’t seen it - which I’m going to assume is quite a few people - is that two people meet online, start a relationship and one of them ultimately wants to find out if the other person is who they say they are. Long story short, they go to meet the person, find out it’s not who they thought it was - typically an overweight version or a stolen profile picture  - and try to work out whether they want further contact with them).

Anyway, it’s got me thinking about perception; how we perceive ourselves, how we project ourselves to other people, and how we recognise ourselves.

I wonder how many of us really take the time to recognise who we are today. I’m sure if I was starting a new relationship online, the person who I present myself as would be an amalgamation of who I am right now, the best bits of who I’ve been in the past, and elements of the person I’d like to be.

I’m wondering, if we were meeting ourselves, would we even recognise ourselves? Or are we ‘catfish’ing ourselves?

Would we want to see the truth, or would we be more comfortable with the socially accepted lens?

There’s something really courageous about looking at who we are, what our life is like, right now, and owning it.

For example. I like to project a version of myself to others who is really confident, outgoing and sociable. The truth right now in this moment?

I don’t want to leave the house, and I want to be on my own, so I get the time to hibernate, rejuvenate and prevent myself from burning out.

And that is really hard to admit.

I don’t particularly feel like showering, right now as I’m writing this, I’d love to leave the house and go sit in a coffee shop, but I don’t feel strong enough.

For me, it’s about getting to the stage where I’m okay with that, and today I am.

And I think it’s only from a place of truth and vulnerability that we can make the changes we want in our lives. It’s about acknowledging the shit and not downplaying the fucking amazing things about ourselves.

Right now, I’m recognising my good points , playing to my strengths and looking to the future to see how I can shine brighter.

What about you?

[Tweet "Who do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you see a version of yourself that you’d love to return to? Do you see the potential for who you could be?"]

Or do you meet yourself where you’re at in this moment?

Because right now we only have this moment. That’s all we’re guaranteed.

Are you catfishing yourself? I'd love to hear about it in the comments!