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An Open Letter to Fellow Couragemakers Who Have Lost All Hope In The World

Okay, Couragemakers who struggle with self-doubt, listen up. Sometimes on this creative and dream chasing journey, we all need reminders which are a bit more of a kick up the ass. Today is one of those days. So here’s the thing:   If you are looking for evidence that you’re shit, you’re going to find […]

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Are you living with your eyes shut?

We’re our own worst enemies. We push ourselves harder and harder. We expect to get three times the work done in a third of the time. Then we berate ourselves when our immune systems start failing us and when we’re not achieving what we wanted to. Why? Because we think we’re super-human? Probably. The more […]

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A few words about changing the world

Let me take you back four years. I’m a student. I’ve discovered my loud and powerful voice. I’ve discovered positive outlets for all of the injustices I had spent my teenage years trying to change. I’m living, breathing, eating and sleeping my passions (largely tackling violence against women and poverty. Bedtime reading anyone?). I’ve covered […]

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