The importance of being compassionate and mindful on social media

I love Facebook and Twitter as much as the next person. Yes they've changed the way we live drastically and while I know my Mum and probably your Mum want to go back to a day when if you wanted to contact someone you had to go to a phone box, I don't. But there is something I've come to really hate about social media. And that's the sharing of graphic, violent posts in the name of stopping violence and cruelty.

I'd much rather see a success story (while knowing that I'm only seeing the 1% of cases).

Seeing someone growing from a struggle is so much more impactful for me than showing a beaten face, a video of a beheading or a slaughterhouse.

Some of us are just too impacted by those images that we have to look away.

Some of us are now just too desensitized to it and I think that's even more of a problem. And when that's the case, people will just refuse to engage at all. And that's just lose lose for everyone.

I'm all for positive change. I've spent my career in the NGO sector and voluntary organisations. But sometimes it would be nice to see the great things on Facebook and Twitter.

Like how brave and fucking bold women who have experienced domestic abuse are. How loving families living in poverty are.

How human we all are.

I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that I will sign your petition or take action when I don't have these images thrust in my face.

It's not that I don't want to acknowledge the abhorrent in the world, it's just that's not something I want to just stumble on while on my bus to work.

Sometimes caring is not sharing. So be mindful when you post. And add trigger warnings. You never know what reaction someone might have.

Rant over.