An Announcement & A Commitment

So, I don’t know if you’ve noticed lately, but the online world is a pretty noisy place. I think along the way, people have become unsurprisingly pretty disillusioned. There’s always another webinar, another checklist that will CHANGE. YOUR. LIFE. There’s always another Facebook group that promises community over competition but quickly becomes about sneaky ways to promote your services.


If you’re on the receiving end, it can feel like you have twenty thousand people shouting at you all at once. If you’re on the creating end, it can feel like having to wade through mud, avoiding the bullshit and trying to find your people amongst all the people who are promising to sell happiness in a jar. And if like me -  you’re on both the creating and receiving end - you quickly pick up on just how high the levels of bullshit are.


Now, I’m very keen to not add to the bullshit.  


While I’ve been launching the Get Shit Done! Brigade, I’ve been very conscious of the fact that you get a lot of emails in your inbox and that most of these emails are pitching you products and services relentlessly.


And I really don’t want to add to the noise.


If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll have noticed that things are a bit different around here. I don’t see my ‘mailing list’ or my podcast as a ‘tool’ to get sales. I see a wonderful community of Couragemakers who I love writing to, having great conversations with, hearing from and forming a community with.


But my unwillingness to add to the noise sometimes means that I end up sabotaging both myself and the community.


I end up not telling you about the services that I’m offering because I don’t want to bombard you or make you feel pressured to buy. I end up staying quiet about the things I offer that my clients absolutely love that really change things for them. Instead of being loud and proud about finding a way of working that draws on both my superpowers and my client’s superpowers, I end up keeping myself small and end up keeping really helpful things to myself.


So I’ve decided that I’m going to do things my way and in a way that serves both of us. And that starts with an acknowledgement that feels pretty scary to type out loud (is that a thing?!)


That Hummingbird Life is both a community and a business.


Ultimately, I want to encourage as many couragemakers as possible to live a life only they can live, to put the things only they can do into the world and own, live and share their stories.  That’s what this is about. And I’m going to be continuing to do that in a way that aligns with my values and creates a sustainable income so I can do even more of this work.


Accessibility is one of my biggest values, and I am really passionate about That Hummingbird Life being as helpful as possible and not being behind a paywall. So I am always going to keep a big chunk of my work available and free (the blog, The Couragemakers Podcast, the weekly emails).


And as well as these things, I will also always have services that go deeper and take you on a journey (courses, products, online and offline experiences, coaching and mentoring) that will be sold.


Somewhere along the line, we were led to believe as heart-centred women that we had to choose between either making a change in the world or making a sustainable living.


And I think it’s time we archived that notion and put in a time capsule.


So, my commitment to you is that I am always going to be completely transparent about the process, and as as helpful as possible along the way.

When I’m launching products or services, I will create helpful and free blog posts and podcast episodes that will help you to start that journey. Obviously they won’t be diving as deep, but they’ll be great starter pieces if money is tight and as much as you would like to join, you simply can’t, or if you don’t have the time or have the inclination to dive deeper.


I will let you know exactly what is different about what I offer, who would and wouldn’t be a good fit, and I promise not to make you feel less than or use manipulative selling techniques (yuck). The things I sell will only ever be things I one hundred percent believe in and one hundred percent believe they will add value to your life.

So, in the spirit of starting as I mean to go on and also being more loud and proud about the wonderful services I offer:


here are my coaching and mentoring packages (The Epic Shit Sessions) which are all about helping you on each stage of the creative journey and doing what only you can do, and on 15th February I am starting the Get Shit Done! Brigade: 30 days of community, accountability, action and coaching to get your ideas of our your all-be-it beautiful notebooks into tangible things that exist in the world. You can find all the information about the brigade here!


Thank you for reading, thank you for allowing me (and encouraging me) to always be honest and thank you for being the most wonderful community I could hope for.



Dream-ChasingMeg Kissack