A simple trick for when you’re feeling uninspired or lacking ideas

First of all, let’s dismantle some bullshit that is sold to creatives. Let’s un-do some rules that often go unchallenged:


1. Not everything you do needs to be the world’s best idea, completely original or never thought of before. It doesn’t work that way.


2. Getting inspired by someone else’s work or taking inspiration from it doesn’t make your creativity any less valid or make you a fraud


3. Feeling uninspired doesn’t make you a shit creative person; it makes you human.


4. Time spent thinking is as creative as time spent getting creative with your hands.


Phew, that took some pressure off, right?

Here’s the thing:


You’re going to have days you feel uninspired. You’re going to have times where you literally can’t think of any ideas, and you’re going to have days where that feeling makes you feel shitty.


But sometimes the cure for your lack of inspiration is doing it anyway.

And I’ve found something really helpful:

Instead of starting with a blank canvas every time, start with someone else’s work and adapt it yourself. Like Austin Kleon says, ‘steal like an artist’.

Obviously don’t plagiarise and of course attribute copyright where necessary, but don’t be afraid to take inspiration.

If you’re a writer, find a story you love and continue it or write it from another character’s perspective, or write it in a different universe.

If you’re an artist, collage the fuck out of a magazine.

If you sew, find a patterned cushion cover and make it more you — eg. my current project!

Take the intimidation away from the blank canvas and start somewhere.

Start anywhere.

The most important thing is that you start.

Use your brain, use your hands and use your heart.

Then see what follows.