On Dream-chasing: You have the right to feel happy

Yesterday  marked two weeks until me and Mr. Meg leave for our big adventure. Starting with three months in the US and then six months in Asia (budget permitting), we're going to be living a dream that we've thought about, obsessed about and planned for, for a very long time. I've been really honest about the process and about the not so glamorous side of dream chasing, but there's still been one thing nagging me at the back of my head. And that's this idea that I can't act too happy about it, or be too excited about it. And I think this idea of having to tone it down is huge when it comes to dream chasing. We get so bogged down with managing other people's reactions (often dreaming them up), and thinking about how other people are judging us, that when the good shit comes out way, we act like it's no big deal. (When it's a huge fucking deal).

So here's what's been going on in my head lately:

  • I want to share about my adventure but I don't want to seem uber privileged and I've been really concerned about coming across like I've got everything sorted and my life is perfect. Because I don't and it's not.
  • SO much stress and so much chaos but feeling like I can't talk about it because it would make me seem ungrateful
  • I'm level 14757 excited, but I'm just not very good at showing it. I don't want to come across as sauntering all over the world without giving two pieces of flying monkey poo

We deserve to be happy. As creatives, as Type A or recovering Type A women, as people who are working really damn hard to put good shit in the world, we get to have happiness as well. I know so many of us work to make the world a brighter place for other people, but when something good happens, let's embrace ,

And here's the thing. We work really fucking hard to make our dreams happen. We deal with so much uncertainty, and sometimes life takes us in such a different direction that we think they're never going to happen.

And we make huge sacrifices for our dreams.

We often have to do things that break our hearts and go through periods which are really really scary.

All this is to say, when you get that bit closer to your dreams, or when you're starting to feel joy, don't be so concerned about making other people feel bad, or worrying what other people feel that you don't let yourself feel happy.

Quite frankly, the people in your life that can't be happy for you and are just shrouded with bitterness - they don't deserve to be a part of your big dream chasing adventure. You don't have to share everything with them, especially if they're dreamshitters. Find your own way to celebrate.

But if you're surrounded by people who support you, who love you and who want to see you fly, then share with them. They want to know! They want to join in the excitement with you.

I know I have such a loving and supportive community around That Hummingbird Life and The Couragemakers Podcast, and I'm excited to share my travels with you. I'm excited to share what I learn, how I grow, and all the things that I think are going to be helpful for you. I couldn't do this trip and not share it, because it's me and it's a huge dream I've been chasing for years.

So in the next week, I'm going to be sharing a really honest and detailed behind the scenes look at what it's taken to make this adventure a reality, how we've planned everything and what we've learned along the way.