5 really helpful tips for chronic worriers

I would say worrying is definitely one of my top 5 skills.

I can worry until the cow's come home. I can worry about ANYTHING. And I have a pretty creative imagination when it comes to turning a non-situation into something epic-ly awful.

And if you're anything like me, you also probably  have a tendency to overthink things and think of the worst possible outcome. I think so many of us passionate an creative souls do. And I think as women, we can be plagued with self doubt. 

Now, I definitely don't have the answer as to how to stop worrying. But I do know something about how to work with your mind to stop yourself going down the rabbit hole of extreme worrying and anxiety. 

So today I wanted to share some things that help me, because I've got a feeling they're going to help you too!

1. Distract yourself and don't judge yourself on what you distract yourself with.

This could be working, binge watching a TV programme, working with a friend through their problem, grabbing a new book. Anything that gives you a bit of escapism and some time out. If you find working helps you through things, watch out for exhaustion though.

2. Don't be hard on yourself if you're not productive.

This is a huge one. Our brains can only take so much. And worrying is EXHAUSTING. Believe me, I know this from experience. Worrying can take all your energy away and really reduce your capacity to make decisions, listen to people and do anything relatively productive. So be kind to yourself and take that pressure off yourself. You don't need it. Accept that shit is tough and remind yourself you're doing all you can.

5 really helpful tips for chronic worriers
5 really helpful tips for chronic worriers

3.Tell someone.

This really really helps me. Because when we go to that dark place, it is easy to think you're all alone. Especially at night. Sometimes by telling someone, you can come up with different ways to handle the situation, different perspectives on the situation, and sometimes find that you've been completely losing yourself in this nightmare you've ended up concoting for yourself. I bring Mr. Meg with me to all my doctors appointments. He can remind me everything went okay, and remember the information I'm told that I often lose through panicking.

4.Think of a plan.

This is really helpful, if like me, you're a planner and a fan of all things practical. Allow yourself to go to that worst case scenario place in your head, and think about the practicalities. Think what you could to to cope if that thing you're worrying about did come true. The fact of the matter is that you've survived a lot to be sat here today reading this. You have so many skills and tools to deal with situations. You're not out of your depth, you have everything in you to cope. And you would cope even if you cant see how right now.

5. Remind yourself you're not alone.

Every human experience is shared by many people. Though someone might not be in the situation you are, there are so many people out there talking about their story and how they got through it.

I'd love to know how you help yourself when you're worried and what works for you! Let me know in the comments!