Why It Doesn’t Matter What Other People Think Of You (Told via a pizza analogy)

We live in a world of shoulds. 

We spend so much of our time thinking about what decision we should make, what we should do with our lives, our time, our money, our skills, our every minute. 

And that’s not even touching on the minefield of what we think others think we should do when it comes to all of those things.

It’s exhausting.

More often than not, our shoulds feel heavier than any rucksack we could carry.

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Meg Kissack
Truth: Not everyone will get what you do or who you are (and why’s that’s okay!)

When I was nine, I remember regularly asking my Dad if it was possible to walk down every single street in the world. 

“If you spent your whole life walking, would you be able to walk down every street around the world?” I would ask.

For some reason, I was pretty hung up on it.

Surely, if you spent every day you were alive walking down different streets, you could do it.

And I simply couldn’t fathom what he was talking about  when he would reply that it wasn’t possible. I just couldn’t get my head around how big the world was.

But something changes when being nine is a distant memory.

We forget that there are almost unlimited number of things to explore and learn. 

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Meg Kissack
The Five Things I Ask Myself When I Sit Down To Plan Each Week

I can honestly say I don’t know why I haven’t been doing this my whole life.

I love to plan but I’d never thought of sitting down on a Sunday night, making it part of a really nice routine and bringing a lot more clarity and focus into my life. I now wake up on Monday feeling more ready to approach the week rather than deer stuck in headlights not knowing where to turn first.

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Meg Kissack
The Problem With Self-Care

In the last couple of years, self-care has started becoming a trendy buzzword that it never was before. Now it’s an Instagram hashtag to be thrown around and rather than a solution, it seems to have become a problem. A problem that is perpetuating the bullshit notions of patriarchy that we’ve been fighting against for years.

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Meg Kissack
EPIC POST: dealing with the post-excitement slump

As creatives and multi-passionate women, we thrive and survive on our ideas and projects: that feeling when ideas are coming to us faster than we can write? It’s like being on the top of the world. But how do you protect yourself when you share your idea and you’re met with a damp squid? Let me show you!

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Meg Kissack
GUEST POST: Penciling in Playtime: Intentionally adding play to your life

When you think about a growth mindset we think about words like high achieving, successful, driven, ambitious, open minded, strong willed, and intelligent.  Although I absolutely agree that all those traits are part of a growth mindset one that is always missing is well rested.

Being well rested does not only mean getting an adequate amount of sleep…which of course is vital to a growth mindset but it also means having a balance of playtime too

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Gina Greenwood
Why Dream-Chasing + Building The Life You Want Is Exhausting (and what you can do about it)

Today I'm calling bullshit and getting real about what it takes to chase your dreams, why pit stops are so important and why it is so damn exhausting If you're working to build the life you want, chasing your dreams, daring to live differently and make the world a brighter place, chances are you're reminded everyday about the things you should be doing or should be feeling.

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Meg Kissackdream chasing
20 Ways To Get Shit Done!

As creative and multi-passionate women, it’s fair to say that we all struggle with getting shit done. Now, before you start judging yourself, and beating yourself up, know that you’re not alone: we all struggle.

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Epic PostMeg Kissack