"She lives the hummingbird life and believes in writing her own life story instead of going along with the fill-in-the-blanks narrative that is expected of her."  

Synonyms: couragemaker, rebel-rouser, curiously courageous creative 



You're a mission-driven doer, maker and world shaker and you want to leave the world a brighter place than how you found it.

You want to live the life only you can live, led by your values, your curiosities and the things that feed your soul.

You believe in writing your own life story instead of going along with the fill-in-the-blanks narrative expected of you.

And you've figured out what you don't want in life and now you're figuring out what you do want. 

But, let's face it: this shit is scary.

And if your fears were a game of Dreamshitter bingo, you'd probably be on the winning team:

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Good news my friend, you're in the right place. Pull up a chair

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That Hummingbird Life is the online home for creative, multi-passionate, messy and brilliant women who want to put great shit into the world and live the life only they can live.

Here at That Hummingbird Life, you'll find a shit-tonne of practical resources, permission slips and bullshit-proof strategies to help you show embrace your unique values, strengths, skills, experiences and stories so you can do the work only you can do, and sustainable strategies to keep dreamshitters, self doubt and burnout at bay.

From ways to tackle creative resistance to how to give dreamshitters the middle finger, here you'll find everything you need to own, live and share your own hummingbird life.  

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I'm Meg and I believe everything changes when you believe you matter.

I create encouraging, creative and rebel-rousing experiences for couragemakers who like life served without the bullshit.

It's my goal to help you embrace your unique values, strengths, skills, experiences and stories so that you can become the woman whose autobiography you'd love to read. 

Through coaching, writing and The Couragemakers Podcast, I help creative and multi-passionate women just like you u build the life you love so that you can do the work only you can do and live the life only you can live.

The mission?

To shake shit up and create a world where history books are overflowing with the stories of creative, messy and courageous women who chose themselves and gave the world what only they could do.

PS. I also believe Arthur Weasley is the most under-rated Harry Potter character and that lip-syncing should be a national sport, but more about me in a minute!



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I started That Hummingbird Life in 2014 because I was seriously frustrated by the shits and giggles approach to creating a life you love, exhausted by the pressure to be ALL THE THINGS and have everything figured out (spoiler alert: no one does) and really fucking sick of the manipulative and exploitive techniques of self-appointed 'self help' gurus selling snake oil.

Like me , you've figured out that despite what the 'gurus' are selling, you can't build a life you love by following a three-step three-week formula; there is no easy way through, no easy clear route. 

But in a lot of ways, realising that feels a bit like going back to square one.  And it can be a really lonely place. 

I learned the hard way that sometimes you have to invent the very thing you crave.

I was trying to find my place in the world, and I just couldn't find 'my people' or the people who shared my values and my beliefs. So I created That Hummingbird Life, an online home and community full of like-minded Couragemakers.

I also started The Couragemakers Podcast because I craving honest and real stories of dream-chasing with everyday people like me and fed up of only seeing the fairytale rags to riches stories. I didn't see my story reflected in anything around me. 

My hope is That Hummingbird Life will find you when you most need it, and encourage and inspire you to live a wholehearted life.






I'm Meg Kissack and I’m an INFJ creative and multi-passionate feminist with a bit of a notebook and post-it note obsession.

 I live in Liverpool, UK and I love foot-stomping country music, bright colours and hot chocolates with way too much chocolate (preferably Belgian).

When I'm not rebel-rousing, I can be found being ridiculous with Mr. Meg, going for walks , wondering what Dolly would do or getting paint all over my hands. 

I always think you can learn a lot about a person through the people they look up to, so here are mine: 

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My Story


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I grew up a loud and colourful child with a real desire to change the world. If someone was laughing, it was generally me. I was always making something and had some great plan up my sleeve. But over the years I got weighed down with what people expected of me and frustrated with always feeling like the outsider and the sheer expectations I placed on myself


Rocking Doc Martens way before they were cool and generally being 'different' meant life growing up wasn't plain sailing. Wherever I went, I always felt like the outsider, not enough and I just couldn't find my people.  I was plagued by self doubt and the creative work I desired so much to do just didn't happen because of the sheer amount of pressure I put myself under.

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Like most Type A overachievers though, things looked great on the outside. I got really involved with the world of feminist activism, worked with grassroots organisations and international NGOs on issues around community development and violence against women and dedicated every moment I had to making the world a brighter place. 


I knew something was missing and there had to be more to life.

I  wasn’t following the beat of my drum. Hell, I’d forgotten I had a drum. And I’d given other people the drumsticks.

My dreams of travelling, of writing a novel, of putting myself out there certainly weren’t happening. 

I knew something had to change.  After a serious period of intense depression and anxiety and a couple of very toxic working environments, I decided enough was enough.


My life? It needed to start becoming that. MY LIFE!


I spent a lot of time working on myself, figuring out what I wanted and finding a way of doing life that left me inspired rather than burnt out, hopeful instead of hopeless and fulfilled instead of empty.

In 2016 I travelled across the US for three months with Mr. Meg (only using public transport - I wouldn't advise it), I have regular creative practices and do work that lights my soul on fire and I started The Couragemakers Podcast. I now work entirely for myself, both here at That Hummingbird Life and also as a freelance graphic designer for doers, makers and world shakers. 

“I’ve got everything sorted," said no one ever. And that’s certainly the case with me. 

But now, instead of beating myself up and putting ridiculous pressures on myself, I can now say that I love the messy, colourful, (in all senses of the word), compassionate and flamboyant person I am. I believe that I matter. And everything really has changed.

I live in Liverpool with Mr Meg, have turned our second bedroom into a beautiful artist/creative studio and spend my days working 1:1 with wonderful creative clients, recording Couragemakers episodes, making all manners of bright encouraging shit and embracing all the pieces of me instead of running away from them.

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So that's my story, and here's what I know for damn sure:

  • You can leave your mark. You can do things that no one has ever dreamed of. You can leave a legacy, and you can really change things.

  • You have a combination of skills, strengths, experiences, interests, a perspective and stories that no one else has.

  • You can do something that really means something. By really getting to know and own your unique combination of skills and strengths, you can find a way to make the difference that only you can.

  • The world is desperate for your story. We all need your story. We need to know the things that make you feel like you're on fire and the monsters that hide under your bed. Through other peoples stories we start to make sense of ourselves.  And there is always more space for more stories. Because no stories are ever the same.


It's time to stand up for yourself.





It’s time to start saying no to things that don’t make you feel alive or light you up. To stop people pleasing and worrying about what others think so much. To stop doing things because you think you should do them. To stop working yourself into the ground. To stop comparing yourself to other people.

 It’s time you learned to embrace your bold, courageous self and perfectly imperfect self. 

It’s time to join a fucking movement of women who are choosing themselves. 

It's time to carve you place in this world and lay your stake in the ground. 

It's time to become the main protagonist in your story. 

What do you reckon, Couragemaker - are you in?